Fusion GPS

Devin Nunes Tosses ‘Fake Farmer’ Lawsuit, Files Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit Against Fusion GPS

Judicial Watch Sues DOJ Twice for Withholding Documents Related to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele

The Most Troubling Part in the Nunes Memo Really Could Matter Legally

6 Important Details From Fusion GPS’ Secret House Testimony (With Even More Pee Tape Info)

Fusion GPS Boss More or Less Called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a Liar

Fusion GPS Researched Trump Ties To Russian Organized Crime

The FBI Used a Trump Campaign Source To Verify Fusion GPS’ Dossier

Fusion GPS Attorney: Someone Got Killed Because of the Steele Dossier

8 Important Details From Fusion GPS’ Secret Testimony (Yes, Pee Tape Included)

Fusion GPS Still Investigating Trump-Russia Ties, Report Says

Parties in Fusion GPS Lawsuit over Dossier Bank Records Reaches Secret Agreement

Steele Dossier Was Not The Basis For Trump-Related Surveillance

Clinton Lawyer Might Have Lied to NY Times About Who Funded Trump Dossier

Court Docs: Republicans Leaking Confidential Info Like Crazy About Trump Dossier Probe

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