family separation policy

Kirstjen Nielsen Won’t Appear After All for Atlantic Interview About Trump Admin Immigration Policy

Trump Admin Humiliated as Federal Court Rules Several Deported Parents Can Return to U.S.

Former Head of Refugee Resettlement Will Leave the Trump Administration

Trump Admin Loses Big on Immigration in Federal Court Case Targeting ICE Over Family Separation

Watchdog: Trump Admin Likely Separated Thousands More Children Than Previously Admitted But Didn’t Keep Track of Them

New Report Shows ICE, Other Agencies Caught Totally Off Guard By Trump Admin ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy

Trump Admin Spending $13 Million Per Month to ‘Cage People’ in Texas

Border Data Suggests ‘Family Separation’ Policy Was Distinct From ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy

Federal Judge Blasts Trump Admin in Border Policy Battle: Gov’t ‘Does Not Understand the Court’s Orders’

Trump Admin is Now Admitting They ‘Might Be’ Detaining and Separating U.S. Citizens

Judge Rains on Trump’s SCOTUS Reality Show With Death Blow to Family Separation

ACLU Calls for Defunding Department of Homeland Security Until Agency Stops ‘Terrorizing Immigrants’

Trump Admin Issues Report Telling Other Countries Not to Separate Children From Families

Lawsuit: Immigrant Boy Almost Jumped Out of a Window After Being Separated From His Family

Staffer Appears to Push Pro-Immigrant Protester Who Confronted Mitch McConnell Outside Home (VIDEO)

‘Enough is Enough’: GOP Congressman Calls For Immigrant Child Detention Center to Be Shut Down

Trump Admin’s Zero Tolerance Policy Diverting Substantial Resources From Prosecuting Major Crimes

Parents With Babies Occupy ICE Offices to Demand Reunification of Children Separated from Families

Man Arrested for Possessing Child Pornography Hired to Manage Children at Migrant Detention Center

President Trump’s Immigration Executive Order Is No Solution, It’s a Total BS Scam

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