Trump Supporters Outraged Facebook Bans ‘Deplorable’ Profile Names

Woman Faces Charges For Allegedly Posting Another Woman’s Genitals on Facebook

Families of Terror Attacks Victims File $1 Billion Lawsuit Against Facebook

Mother Acquitted in Fatal Car Crash Allegedly Caused by Facebook Use

Family of Paris Attack Victim Sues Social Media Companies for Allegedly Letting ISIS Run Wild

Brock Turner’s Father Reportedly Soliciting Funds for Legal Help (Updated)

Tenants Angry After Being Forced to Facebook ‘Like’ Their Complex

Facebook Users Can Sue Over Face Tagging, Court Says

Cops Can’t Search Alleged Drug Dealer’s Phone Because His Customers Keep Calling

Inmate Posted Selfies to Facebook While Still in Jail Van

Donald Trump and His ‘Micropenis’ Expose Problems With Facebook’s Censorship Policies

Fake Police Facebook Page Could Mean Real Jail Time for Prankster

Gun-Loving Mother Accidentally Shot After Her Toddler Gets a Hold of Her Gun

Attorneys Seek Criminal Charges Against Facebook’s Zuckerberg for Users’ Hate Speech

Facebook, Instagram Banning Online Gun Sales

Video Shows Dog Violently Beaten, But Somehow No One Will Be Charged

Teacher Goes on Rant About Disabled Student, Resigns

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