Duncan Hunter

We Just Learned Some Details About Duncan Hunter. None of Them Look Good for Him or His Wife.

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter’s Wife Pleads Guilty to ‘Knowingly’ Misusing Campaign Funds

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter’s Wife Is Scheduled to Change Plea in Their Fraud Case

‘Eddie Did One Bad Thing’: Duncan Hunter Says Trump Should ‘Absolutely’ Pardon Accused War Criminal

The House Ethics Subcommittee Just Made Things a Whole Lot Worse for Three GOP Congressmen

Two Republicans Under Federal Indictment Were Re-Elected Last Night

Indicted GOP Rep Duncan Hunter Facing New Campaign Finance Fraud Questions

‘Good Job Jeff’: Trump Sarcastically Chides Sessions for Charging GOP Reps Before Mid-Terms

Rep. Duncan Hunter Greeted by ‘Lock Him Up’ Chants at Federal Courthouse (VIDEO)

New Call for Criminal Charges Against Congressman Who Removed ‘Anti-Police’ Pig Painting

House Committee: Women Must Sign Up for Draft

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