drunk driving

‘I’m a Constitutional F***ing Officer’: Allegedly Drunk Sheriff Begs Cops Not to Arrest Him for DUI (VIDEO)

WATCHE: Murder Trial For Marine Accused of Drunk Driving Deaths Day 1

New Law to Let Beer Makers Give Drinkers a Free Ride Home

NY State Trooper Declares ‘Open Season’ On NYPD As Payback For Drunk Driving Arrest

Judge Orders Drunk Drivers To Download Uber as Part of Sentence

Drunken Driving Suspect Gives Her Name as Hillary Clinton

Suspected Drunk Driver Tries Cartwheels During Sobriety Test … It Doesn’t Go Well (WATCH)

Police Say Drunk Texas A&M Student Crashed Into Cop Car While Taking Topless Selfie

‘Affluenza’ Mom Indicted For Hindering Apprehension and Money Laundering

Anti-DUI Attorney Gets Arrested for DUI Because There are No Heroes

Lawyer’s Bumbling Argument Gets Her Laughed Out of the Supreme Court, Literally

Police Officer Arrested 5 Times in One Year, Still on the Force

Video: Woman Broadcasts Herself Drunk Driving on Periscope, Faces No Jail Time

Couple Arrested for Using 9-year-old Daughter as Designated Driver

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