Donald Trump

Fmr FBI Assistant Director of Counter Intel: Giuliani Just ‘Threw Trump Under the Bus’

‘He Should Never Talk to Rudy Again’: Impeachment Attorney on Trump’s Relationship With Giuliani

‘Don’t Do That Again’: GOP Senator Snaps at Reporter When Asked About Trump

Trump Lawyers Dismiss Manhattan DA as a ‘County Prosecutor’ in Opening Lines of Appeal

Reagan’s Solicitor General: Fellow Conservatives ‘Horrified’ by Trump, Barr ‘Lied’ About Mueller Report

Paul Manafort’s Lawyers Represented Giuliani’s Clients in Court Today Because of Course They Did

Turns Out Deutsche Bank Actually Does Not Have Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

Conservative Lawyers: Trump’s Conduct ‘Fundamentally Incompatible’ with Oath of Office

Rudy Giuliani Likes Fox News Poll Tweet Showing Record Support for Trump’s Impeachment

Trump Pressured Rex Tillerson to Help End DOJ Prosecution of Rudy Giuliani’s Client: Report

‘Can You Say Hypocrisy?’: Dan Abrams Rips Trump Admin’s Selective Respect for Impeachment Precedent

Tom Cotton to Trump-Appointed ICIG: Your Testimony Was ‘Evasive to the Point of Being Insolent and Obstructive’

Lawyers Respond to Allegations of ‘Bias’: Whistleblower Has ‘Never Worked for or Advised a Political Candidate, Campaign, or Party’

Biden Calls for Impeachment: Trump Is Acting Like He’s on Fifth Avenue, ‘Shooting Holes in the Constitution’ with Impunity

Trump Suddenly Worries About Presidents Having ‘Extraordinary Powers’

White House Didn’t Want Diplomats to Draw Attention to Release of Congressionally-Approved Aid Package

Trump Criticizes ICIG He Appointed for Finding Whistleblower Complaint Credible and Urgent

Harvard Law Professor: Trump Administration’s Stonewalling Is ‘Constitutionally Indefensible’

Reports Now Say Trey Gowdy Will Help Trump Fight Impeachment in Some Capacity (Update)

Scottish Government Says Trump Org Refuses to Pay Legal Bills After Losing Wind Farm Lawsuit

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