Donald Trump

Trump Risks ‘Unlawful Command Influence’ in Reviewing Case of Army Major Charged with Murder, Professor Says

‘Rat’: Trump Repeats Lie That FBI Improperly Accessed Cohen’s Office, Home, Hotel Room

‘The Seriousness Cannot Be Called into Question’: Mueller Unloaded on the Idea Michael Flynn Was Entrapped

Trump Cites John Edwards Case in His Defense, But His 2012 Comments About It Seriously Undermine That Argument (VIDEO)

President Trump Could Theoretically Invoke the 25th Amendment and Be Pardoned by Mike Pence

The Many Stages of Donald Trump’s Michael Cohen Denials

Trump with ‘Zero Evidence’ Suggests Cohen Cut Deal to Keep His Wife and ‘Rich’ Father-in-Law Out of Trouble

Fmr Bush White House Ethics Lawyer: Trump Should Negotiate a Plea Bargain Now

AMI Apparently Has a Safe Full of Trump’s Secrets, and It Sure Looks Like the Feds Have It Now

President Trump Throws Cohen Under the Bus for Campaign Finance Violations: ‘He Is Supposed to Know the Law’

Former Federal Prosecutor: If Trump Wasn’t POTUS, I’d Look at What SDNY Just Did and Say ‘They’re Going After this Guy’

11-Year-Old Boy Had to Change ‘Trump’ Last Name After Being Relentlessly Bullied at School

Cohen’s Sentencing and AMI’s Non-Prosecution Are a Serious Double-Whammy for Trump

National Enquirer Parent Company: We Buried Karen McDougal’s Story to ‘Prevent it from Influencing Election’

Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Sentenced to Three Years in Prison

Trump: It’s Hard to Impeach Somebody Who ‘Hasn’t Done Anything Wrong’

Avenatti Makes Another Bold Prediction After Judge Hits Stormy Daniels with Fees and Sanctions

Judge Orders Sanctions Against Stormy Daniels for ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuit Against Trump

Trump Says Comey ‘Had No Right’ to Be FBI Director Because He’s ‘A Democrat’

GOP Senator Orrin Hatch Flatly Says He Doesn’t Care if Trump Was ‘Involved in Crimes’

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