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Michael Cohen’s Old Tweets About Hillary Clinton Going to Prison Haven’t Aged Well

The Cohen Plea and Manafort Verdict Happened at Same Time. What Does it Mean?

Michael Avenatti Put Trump on Notice Immediately After Cohen Pleaded Guilty

Trump May Have Made Mueller’s Obstruction Case Even Easier with Latest Claim

George Papadopoulos Just Tweeted Something Seriously Cryptic

President Trump Dares Fmr CIA Head John Brennan to Sue Him over Security Clearance

Manafort Attorney Accused of Possible Ethics Violation with ‘Inappropriate’ Praise of Trump’s ‘Sad’ Remarks

Hmm, Giuliani Thinks Mueller Probe Is Baseless But He’s Ready to Take This to SCOTUS Just in Case

President Trump Reportedly Asked Jeff Sessions to Have Omarosa Arrested

Fmr Trump Campaign Hispanic Outreach Employee Forces Ugly Dispute to Happen in Public

Any Last Words from Paul Manafort’s Defense? ‘He Has Endeavored to Serve’

Andrew McCabe’s Lawyer Is Clearly Pissed About President Trump’s Security Clearance Bloodbath

If Omarosa Is Telling the Truth, Mueller Has a Lot More on Trump Than Tweets

Omarosa Is Already Facing Legal Action from Trump Campaign Over Her Book

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Effortlessly Fact-Checks President Trump’s Ohio Popularity Claims

FLASHBACK: All the Times Trump Publicly Chewed Out Jeff Sessions

Did Omarosa’s Secret Recordings of Trump Conversations Break the Law?

DOJ Fires Back: Of Course President Trump Can Block People on Twitter

The True Story Behind Michael Avenatti’s ‘Birther’ Tweet Mocking President Trump

City Council Votes for Removing President Trump’s Hollywood Star

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