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6 Most Ridiculous Claims from DNC’s Conspiracy Lawsuit Against Trump Campaign

The Most Troubling thing About DNC’s Lawsuit… They Cite Nothing to Back it Up

In Boasting About Trump Role, Rudy Giuliani Came Close to Breaking Ethics Rules

Key Sentence in Comey Memo Shows Trump Actually Supported Investigation of His Campaign

Police Are Already Dreading the Fallout of a Robert Mueller Firing

Michael Avenatti Says Michael Cohen Can’t Hide Behind Fifth Amendment to Delay Stormy Daniels Case

How a Terror Case Could Help Trump’s Attorney-Client Privilege Argument

President Trump Files in Court to Intervene in Michael Cohen FBI Raid Case

Trump Says He Has ‘Too Many’ Lawyers Working for Him

3 Things about Robert Khuzami, the Actual U.S. Attorney behind the Cohen Raid

Seven Reasons Why Michael Cohen Is Smarter Than People Think

President Trump Pardons Fmr Cheney Chief of Staff Scooter Libby

How the ‘Love Child’ Story Could Be Used as Evidence of Illegal Campaign Contributions

Blue Check Twitter Doubts Trump Wrote His ‘Disciplined’ Mueller Approach Tweet

Trump Can’t Stop Russia Investigation Even If He Fires Mueller

GOP Leader: Firing Mueller Not in Trump’s or Country’s ‘Best Interest’

Why the Heck are Feds Seizing Access Hollywood Tape Records in Michael Cohen Raid

Michael Cohen Shows Signs of Strain; Could Trump’s Own Lawyer Legally Flip?

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Michael Avenatti More or Less Called Opposing Counsel a Liar

Trump’s Anti-Mueller Rant Just Made Michael Cohen’s Life Way More Miserable Legally Speaking

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