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Donald Trump

DOJ Says Trump Tweets Probably Based on News Reports, Not Actual Facts of What’s Going On

Trump DHS Official: ‘Societies And Nations For Millennia Have Suffered Greatly’ For Accepting LGBT Citizens

In Tweetstorm, ACLU Unloads On Democrats And Republicans For Expanding Trump’s Warrantless Surveillance Powers

Why Dreamers Should Lose at the U.S. Supreme Court

DHS Secretary Nielsen: Trump No Longer Wants A Full Length Border Wall

Justice Scalia Was Apparently Huge Fan Of Donald Trump’s White House Bid

Why Trump Won’t Do A Damn Thing If Porn Star Jessica Drake Breaks Her NDA

Fmr White House Lawyer Compares Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Comments To ‘Germany, 1933’

Congressman Wants to Impeach Trump over ‘Shithole Countries’ Remark Against Haitians

Trump’s Tweets Could Mean Freedom For Guantánamo Bay Detainees

The #Resistance Folds: Unites With Trump And Deep State To Protect Warrantless Surveillance

Even Fox Panel Laughs Off Trump Suggestion that Feinstein Broke Law with Fusion Transcript Leak (WATCH)

In Expressing Desire to Toughen Up Libel Laws, Trump Ends Up Suggesting Something Far Weaker

Trump Admin. Sued For Allegedly Allowing Private Prison Company To Buy Influence

‘I Would Like To Do That’ Trump Open To DACA Bill Without Border Wall Funding

Joe Arpaio Belongs In Prison, Not The U.S. Senate

Federal Judge Totally Trolls Trump, Cites Tweet in Order Blocking DACA

Fusion GPS Researched Trump Ties To Russian Organized Crime

The FBI Used a Trump Campaign Source To Verify Fusion GPS’ Dossier

Dem Lawmaker’s ‘STABLE GENIUS’ Act is Good Troll Job, but Bad Idea

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