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Donald Trump

Billionaire Behind ‘Need to Impeach’ Campaign Organizing ‘Special Town Hall’ to Take Down Trump

Trump’s Lawyer Seriously Flounders in Court While Arguing Against Summer Zervos’ Defamation Case

Not Long After Awk Trump Meeting, Rosenstein ‘Presses’ Mueller to End Probe and Slams ‘Leakers’

Avenatti Mocks Trump’s ‘Physical Shape’ After Taking Him to Task for ‘Horseface’ Comment

President Trump Keeps Repeating the Most Ridiculous Lie About Brett Kavanaugh

President Trump: Michael Cohen Lied Under Oath When He Said I ‘Directed’ Him to Commit Crimes

President Trump’s ‘Horseface’ Tweet Contains Subtle, Inadvertent Self-Own

Avenatti Takes Flamethrower to Trump’s Outlandish Claim That He Can ‘Go After’ Stormy Daniels in Texas

The Other Part of Trump’s ‘Horseface’ Tweet Could Come Back to Bite Him

After Being Dubbed ‘Horseface,’ Stormy Daniels Wonders if Trump Has a ‘Penchant for Bestiality’

President Donald Trump Is Being Sued for ‘Retaliatory’ Acts, Threats Against the Press

Avenatti Frantically Tries to Spin Major Loss in Stormy Daniels Case By Attacking Trump

Federal Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniels’ Defamation Lawsuit, Allows President Trump to Collect Legal Fees

Hillary Clinton: Allegations Against Bill Have ‘Significant Difference’ from Kavanaugh, Trump

Trump Files Motion to Throw Out Stormy Daniels Case

Was Trump ‘Stating the Facts’ About Christine Ford? Not According to Her Own Testimony

Top Five Bombshells From New York Times Exposé on Trump Family Tax Dodging

GOP Sends Out Dire, Eleventh-Hour Petition to Stop the ‘WITCH HUNT’ Against Brett Kavanaugh

Trump Hurls Recycled Insult at Kavanaugh Accuser — Right After Stormy Daniels Judge All But Okayed It

Prosecutors Want Trump’s ‘Flippers’ Comment Kept Out of Upcoming El Chapo Trial

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