Donald Trump

Impeachment Expert: 5 Reasons People Need to Stop Saying Trump Should Be Removed Over Emergency Order

Constitutional Scholar: SCOTUS Should ‘Quickly and Emphatically’ Block Trump’s Emergency Order

Legal Experts Claim Trump Buried Himself with Six Words in His Emergency Announcement

Thanks, Obama: Here’s the Obama Executive Order Trump Is Using to Build the Wall

WH Reportedly Warned Trump of ‘High Litigation Risk’ with Emergency Declaration, and the Legal Storm is Already Brewing

Alan Dershowitz Just Contradicted His Main Defense Against Trump Obstruction

Trump’s ‘Prejudicial’ Tweets Won’t Get Terror Suspect Off the Hook After All

Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe: There Should Have Been a Special Counsel for Clinton Email Case

Harvard Law Prof Says Trump Tweet Proves His ‘Real Agenda’ Is ‘White Supremacy Pure & Simple’

President Donald Trump Is Already Being Sued Over Legal Threat Against Cliff Sims

NY AG’s Words About Going After Trump Family Coming Back to Haunt Her

Report Reveals ‘Pipeline’ of Undocumented Costa Rican Immigrants at Trump Club: ‘A Very Open Secret’

Bloomberg Publishes Pavel Fuks’ (Sic) Unverifiable Claim That Trump ‘Wanted $20 Million for 2006 Moscow Deal’

Michael Cohen Strikes Again: How Secret Recordings Led to Massive Trump Inauguration Investigation

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Reacts to Trump Inaugural Committee Subpoena: ‘Richard Nixon Had Nothing on This’

Federal Prosecutors Slap Donald Trump’s Inaugural Committee with a Subpoena

Impeachment Expert Is Convinced Mueller Report Won’t See Light of Day

Trump Says He Hasn’t Thought of Pardoning Roger Stone

California Chef Who Vowed Not to Serve Anyone Wearing a MAGA Hat Backtracks Quickly

Investor with Blocked Number on Other End of Trump Jr. Call Explored Moscow Tower with Trump More Than 20 Years Ago

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