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NYPD Sued for Trump’s Concealed Carry Application After Police Issue Unbelievable Warning

‘Trump Is Going to Quit’: Tom Arnold Comes Away from Cohen Meeting Believing the End Is Near (UPDATED)

Separating Children from Parents Appears to Be All for Nothing

Trump Admin Has No Plans to Reunite 2,300 Children Already Separated from Their Parents

Friends Say Michael Cohen Is Willing to Spill the Beans About Trump ‘In the Right Situation’

Judge Deals Avenatti a Blow, Calls Argument ‘Creative’

U.S. State Dept. Condemns ‘Soviet Practice’ of Separating Families as Trump Admin Defends Border Policy

FBI Director Issues Possible Warning to Trump in Response to Report on Clinton Email Investigation

Amid Manafort Prosecution, Giuliani Says Trump ‘Retains His Pardon Power’

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want to Take Credit for Separating Families, But Jeff Sessions Sure Does

Giuliani: Mueller Probe ‘Might’ Be ‘Cleaned Up’ Through ‘Presidential Pardons’

Judge Responds After Cohen Files Emergency Motion to Silence Avenatti: Don’t Do That

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Strikes Again

IG Report Everyone’s Been Waiting for Shows Peter Strzok Sent ‘We’ll Stop’ Trump Text

Trump Lashes Out After New York AG Sues Him for ‘Persistent’ Illegal Use of Charitable Foundation

Trump Reportedly ‘Fuming’ About Cohen But Hasn’t Said Anything for This Reason

Reminder: AT&T Paid Cohen A Lot of Money for ‘Insights’ and Trump Didn’t Want Deal to Go Through

Avenatti Says Russians Are Spreading Story He Went to Moscow and Had Sex with ‘Multiple Women’

Amid Arrest Rumors, Trump Allies Reportedly Just as Worried About Cohen as They Are About Mueller

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Calls Out Trump for Attacking the Mueller Appointment

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