Donald Trump

Trump-Appointed Judge Not Convinced That Concealed Notes of Putin Meeting Belong to the President

SCOTUS Confirms It Will Resolve Three Trump Tax Return Disputes Months Before 2020 Election

Former WH Official: Giuliani ‘Kept Putting This Sh*t’ in Trump’s Head for His Own Benefit

‘Mafia in Action’: Rudy Giuliani Makes Waves with White House Appearance on Historic Day

Impeachment Expert: ‘First Time in History’ We’ve Seen Trump-Mitch McConnell Type of Coordination on Senate Trial

GOP Rep Calling Whistleblower a Liar Was Trump’s First Choice for Job of Withholding Whistleblower Complaint

White House Comes Up with New Explanation for Withholding Military Aid to Ukraine

Senate Confirms Trump Judicial Nominee Lawrence VanDyke to Lifetime Appointment

For Second Time This Week, Judge Blocks Trump’s Use of Military Funds to Build Border Wall

Pentagon to Investigate Legality of Trump’s Use of Military Personnel Along Southern Border

Seemingly None of the Emoluments Cases Against Trump Have Gotten It Quite Right

Trump Pays Up One Month After Admitting He Misused Charitable Funds for Political Gain

Legal Experts Spar Over House Dems’ Refusal to Drag Mueller into Articles of Impeachment

Trump Hotel Holiday Party Rescheduled, ‘Could Help Barr and His Guests Avoid Protests’

OIG Report Reveals FBI Agents’ Anti-Clinton, Pro-Trump Messages: ‘Start Looking for New Jobs Fellas’

DOJ Argues Trump Can Profit from Foreign Governments Until Congress Passes a New Law

Amazon Lawsuit: Trump Improperly Pressured DoD Not to Award $10 Billion Contract to Bezos

Former Federal Prosecutor: Barr’s Warning to Trump About Giuliani May Be ‘Wink and Nod’ About Coming Indictment

House GOP Lawyer’s ‘Straw Man’ Argument: Impeaching the President Over ‘8 Lines’ Is ‘Baloney’

Former Dem Lawyer Suggests They Made Big Mistake Before Impeachment Process

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