Chris Watts

New Documentary About the Chris Watts Murder Case Set to Premiere Over the Weekend

Petition: Chris Watts’ Prison Cell Photo of Family He Murdered Is Like a ‘Trophy,’ Should Be Removed

Colorado Authorities Release Report on Chris Watts’ Horrific 5-Hour Confession

Lawyers Reveal New Details of Chris Watts’ ‘Full Confession’ on Dr. Phil, Including Bella’s Last Words

Attorney to Dr. Phil: Chris Watts Revealed Affair, Killed Shanann When She Said He Wouldn’t See the Kids Again

Inmate for Life Chris Watts Gives Authorities ‘Additional Info’ About Murders of His Family

Chilling New Footage Shows Shanann Watts Coming Home Shortly Before Her Husband Killed Her (VIDEO)

Grieving Parents Recall Shanann Watts Expressed Concern About Chris Watts Acting ‘Cold as Ice’ (VIDEO)

Chris Watts Quietly Freaked Out When Neighbor Showed Surveillance Footage of Him at His Truck (VIDEO)

‘Find a Way to Fix This’: Chris Watts’ Girlfriend Says She Insisted He Stay with His Wife

Chris Watts Sued by Shanann Watts’ Parents for Wrongful Death as He’s Sentenced for Her Murder

Chris Watts, Dad Accused of Murdering Wife and Daughters, Cuts Deal to Avoid Death Penalty

Chris Watts Demands ‘Massive Investigation of Law Enforcement’ Over Media Leaks

‘One of the Most Gentle People’: Man Claims He Had Relationship with Chris Watts, Says Alleged Killer Struggled with Sexuality

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