child abuse

Police Want Assault Charges Filed Against Daycare Worker Who Pulled 3-Year-OId’s Hair

Parents Charged With Manslaughter After Autopsy Reveals Toddler Went Untreated for 17-Pound Tumor

Six Adults Allegedly Told Other Children to Beat and Abuse Three-Year-Old Boy

Babysitters Laughed ‘Hysterically’ While Using Taser to Taunt 1-Year-Old Girl, Police Say

American Academy of Pediatrics President Calls Trump Family Separation Policy Child Abuse (Video)

Man Arrested For 6 Million Images of Child Pornography

Ohio Dad Accused of Damaging His Infant Girl’s Brain for Appalling Reason

Deputies: Father Fought Two Men in Bar Brawl — While Holding His Daughter (VIDEO)

Teacher Charged with Child Abuse After Forcing Student to Stand for Pledge of Allegiance

In These 12 States, Larry Nassar’s Enablers Could Get Away with a Cover-Up

Deputies: Dad Gave Daughter Gun, Egged Her to Commit Suicide (She Didn’t)

Two Child Care Employees Taunt and Abuse Eight-Year-Old Autistic Child (VIDEO)

‘The Reason Why I’m Here’: Cop Adopts Child He Saved from Alleged Vicious Abuse

Judge Rejects Polanski’s Bid to End Sex Abuse Case

Day Care Worker Slammed Child Face-First into Ground, Constables Say (Video)

Mother Arrested For Kicking Child Out of Home Over Incorrectly Cited Bible Verse, Cops Say

Sanctuary Policy Nearly Allowed Man Accused of Sexually Abusing 9-Year-Old to Walk Out of Jail

Parents Sentenced to 20 Years for Locking Son in Basement for 18 Months

Former Georgia Tech Star Football Player Found Guilty on Lesser Child Neglect Charges

JURY WATCH: Child Abuse Trial of Former Georgia Tech Star Football Player

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