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What About The Attorneys Who May Have Helped Enable Harvey Weinstein All These Years?

Why Harvey Weinstein’s Suit Against The New York Times Is Going Nowhere Fast

‘It’s Like the Rape Victim Being Raped Again’: Lawyer Makes Bizarre Comparison at Gawker Hearing

Emails Show Hulk Hogan’s Lawyers Working Against Gawker Pre-Sex Tape Leak

Melania Trump’s ‘Revenge Lawyer’ Apparently Doesn’t Understand First Amendment

The Worst Part Of The Gawker Settlement Has Little To Do With Hulk Hogan

Gawker Asks Court to Authorize Investigation into Peter Thiel’s Role In Funding Lawsuits

Hulk Hogan Lawyer Says Defamation Laws are ‘Too Stringent’

Roger Ailes Hires Lawyer Who Took Down Gawker to Go After NY Mag‘s Sherman

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