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WSJ Op-Ed Comparing Carter Page FISA Warrant to MLK Wiretap Ignores Basic Differences

‘Essentially the Same Evidence’: Judge Reminds Carter Page That His DNC Lawsuit Is Still Dead

DNC Lawyers Dunk on Carter Page Over and Over Again for ‘Irrelevant’ Court Filings in Dossier Lawsuit

Carter Page Keeps Filing Stuff in a Lawsuit He Already Lost

‘You F***ing Half-Wit’: Carter Page Describes Death Threats in Quest to Save Lawsuit That Was Already Dismissed

Judge Dismisses Carter Page’s Lawsuit Against DNC in Brutal Fashion

Carter Page Points to Several ‘Authorities’ to Show He’s Not ‘Recycling Conspiracy Theories’

Carter Page: Steele Dossier Poses Legal Problem for DOJ Beyond FISA Warrant Application

Top 5 Weirdest Things in Carter Page’s Latest Filing in Lawsuit Against DNC

Carter Page Apparently Tried to Get Involved in Senate Staffer’s Case, and the Judge Didn’t Care in the Slightest

Carter Page Takes to Twitter to Weigh in on FISA Warrants in the Most Bizarre Way Possible

Carter Page May Have Been Subject to FISA Warrants as Early as 2013

Group That Sought Carter Page FISA Warrants Just Used Trump Tweets to Effectively Troll the DOJ

‘He Didn’t Even Read it’: Jim Jordan’s Carter Page-FISA Takeaway Gets Major Backlash

Judges Who Approved Carter Page FISA Warrants Were All Nominated by GOP Presidents

‘Very Cagey’: Here’s How Much of the Carter Page FISA Warrant is Blacked Out

Justice Department to Release FISA Documents on Carter Page This Afternoon

Carter Page Downplays Trump Campaign Contacts with Russia, Dodges Questions on Why There Were So Many

Carter Page Seems to Believe He Was Molested by the DNC

USA Today Reporter’s Lawyer Sends Letter Demanding Trump Declassify Carter Page FISA Warrant

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