States Can’t Agree on Whether to Postpone Democratic Primaries in Face of COVID-19 Threat

Arizona Files ‘Long Shot’ Supreme Court Lawsuit Alleging Sackler Family ‘Siphoned Billions of Dollars from Purdue’

Arizona Republican Allegedly Paid Two Boys $10 for Sex on Numerous Occasions

Jilted Arizona Woman Allegedly Threatened to ‘Make Sushi’ Out of Date’s Internal Organs

State Bill Calls for Teachers to Be Fired if They Discuss ‘Controversial Issues’

GOP State Rep Allegedly Told Officer ‘You’ll Get Yours’ During Arrest for ‘Extreme DUI’

Police Say They’ve Finally Tracked Down Naked Arizona Man Behind String of Burglaries (VIDEO)

New Footage Shows Police Beating, Mocking Suspect; Chief Says There’s More to the Story (Video)

Now We Know Why Uber’s Self-Driving Car Didn’t Brake Before Hitting and Killing Arizona Woman

Man Allegedly Went Berserk on Group of Muslim Women

Day Care Workers Fired After Playing With Penis-Shaped Sex Toy In Front Of Kids (VIDEO)

Arizona Cop Bodyslams and Injures Autistic Teenager (VIDEO)

The Maricopa County Cavalcade of Horrors: Joe Arpaio’s 10 Greatest Hits

Federal Court: Mexican-American Studies Unconstitutionally Banned In Arizona

Arizona Ordered to Pay Planned Parenthood’s Legal Fees

WATCH: College Shooting Suspect Takes Stand in Self Defense Case

Former Arizona Fire Captain Sentenced in Triple Murder Case

‘I Wanted to Punch Her in the Throat’: Dem Lawmaker Facing Backlash for Violent Comment About GOP Woman

Good Samaritan Saves Wounded Trooper from Highway Gunman, Authorities Say

Sheriff Arpaio Claims New ‘Revelations’ in Obama Birth Certificate Investigation

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