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Comey Urged Justice Department to Reject Trump Wiretapping Claim, Report Says

FBI Director James Comey told the Justice Department they needed to publicly reject Donald Trump’s wiretapping claim, according to The New York Times. Senior American officials told the outlet on Sunday that Comey did it because there was no evidence, and the president’s allegation seemed to imply that the feds broke the law. Spokespeople for the Justice Department and FBI declined to comment.

A spokeswoman for the Justice Department declined to comment again when LawNewz.com reached out.

The POTUS said on Saturday that his predecessor ordered wiretapping on Trump Tower. He made the assertion on Saturday, but didn’t explain his evidence or sources.

An Obama spokesman denied the former POTUS ordered such a thing.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper also said on Meet the Press Sunday that he wasn’t aware of any FISA court orders to wiretap Trump or his campaign. The Times reported in January that law enforcement agencies led by the FBI were investigating possible links between Russian officials and Trump’s colleagues.

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