James Comey

Giuliani Responds to Questions About Receiving Leaks with Rant Against ‘Proven Liar’ James Comey

Trump Says Comey ‘Had No Right’ to Be FBI Director Because He’s ‘A Democrat’

New Lawsuit Seeks to Expose How Giuliani Knew in Advance That Comey Would Reopen Clinton Probe

GOP Rep Describes Comey as ‘Gleeful’ in Not Answering Questions at Private Hearing

James Comey Says He Reached Compromise with GOP Congress, Will Testify

These Are the Republican Leaks James Comey Is Citing to Avoid Testifying Behind Closed Doors

James Comey’s Lawyer Responds to House Republicans’ Subpoena, Is Ready for a Fight

Fired FBI Director James Comey: ‘Happy Thanksgiving. Got a Subpoena from House Republicans.’

Fmr Fed Prosecutor: Trump Could Be Indicted ‘Right Now’ for Looking to Prosecute Comey, Clinton

James Comey’s Wife ‘Relieved’ FBI Found No Photo Evidence of Him Hugging and Kissing Robert Mueller

Watchdog Group: FBI Didn’t Finish Review of Clinton Emails When Comey Claimed

‘Major Crack in Government’s Defenses’: We May Finally Learn How the FBI Handled the Steele Dossier

Well, Well, Well… Judge Orders DOJ to Preserve Comey’s Personal Emails

Comey Must Testify About Handling of Steele Dossier for Reason You May Not Have Expected

Giuliani Asserts it Was Trump’s ‘Right’ to Ask James Comey for a Break

Trump Considering Revoking Clearance from Comey, Brennan, Others

Comey Slams Clinton After Snarky Tweet: She Still ‘Doesn’t Understand’

DOJ Inspector General: We’re Investigating Comey Memos and Will File Report

Hillary Clinton’s Reaction to the IG Report Was Surprisingly Perfect

Top Bombshells in OIG Report on FBI’s Handling of Clinton Investigation

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