James Comey

Legal Analyst Responds to Rod Rosenstein’s Pointed Criticism: ‘Basically, He’s a Walking Piece of Jell-O’

‘Wrong’: President Trump Champions Faulty Legal Analysis From Fox News Commentator, Expert Says

Former Federal Prosecutor Tells Laura Ingraham: ‘Get it Right’ or ‘Keep My Name Out Your Mouth’

Trump Cites James Comey’s Non-Prosecution as Proof of William Barr’s Impartiality

‘Fiddling While Rome Burns’: Experts Criticize OIG Report, Defend James Comey

Fed. Judge Slams FBI’s ‘Mulligan’ in CNN’s James Comey Memo Litigation

James Comey Chimes in with Questions He Would Ask Robert Mueller Ahead of Next Week’s Testimony

Guess Whose Daughter Is Reportedly a Prosecutor in Jeffrey Epstein Case

State Department Identifies ’30 Security Incidents’ in Handling of Hillary Clinton’s Emails

FBI Facility Allowed ‘Pervasive Sexual Harassment’ and Discrimination Against Women: Lawsuit

Former FBI Lawyer: Wire-Wearing, 25th Amendment Were Part of a ‘List’ of Possible Responses to Comey’s Firing

Alan Dershowitz’s Latest Take on the Mueller Report Is Incredibly Flawed

Sarah Sanders’ Podium Comments Could Be Crucial for Mueller’s Obstruction Case

Fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe: There Should Have Been a Special Counsel for Clinton Email Case

Giuliani Responds to Questions About Receiving Leaks with Rant Against ‘Proven Liar’ James Comey

Trump Says Comey ‘Had No Right’ to Be FBI Director Because He’s ‘A Democrat’

New Lawsuit Seeks to Expose How Giuliani Knew in Advance That Comey Would Reopen Clinton Probe

GOP Rep Describes Comey as ‘Gleeful’ in Not Answering Questions at Private Hearing

James Comey Says He Reached Compromise with GOP Congress, Will Testify

These Are the Republican Leaks James Comey Is Citing to Avoid Testifying Behind Closed Doors

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