WATCH: Adam Matos Quadruple Murder Trial Day 2

The quadruple-murder trial of Florida man Adam Matos continues on Monday. Prosecutors in Pasco County say Matos murdered his ex-girlfriend Megan Brown, her new boyfriend Nicholas Leonard, and her parents Margaret and Gregory Brown in 2014. If convicted, Matos could get the death penalty. Court is expected to begin at 9:30 am ET.

During Friday’s opening statement, prosecutor Bryan Sarabia told the court that Matos first had a domestic dispute with Megan Brown on August 28, 2014, but left when his son woke up. Sarabia said that Matos returned later that day and murdered her and the others. The next day, Sarabia allegedly started selling the Brown family’s belongings, including animals that the family owned.

Matos’ defense opted not to give an opening statement.

The prosecution then began calling witnesses to the stand, including a 911 dispatcher who answered a call from Megan Brown after the initial domestic incident. The court heard a recording of that call, where Brown could be heard crying and identifying Matos as the attacker.

Former Deputy Miguel Silva told the court about how he went to the Browns’ home on September 4 to conduct a welfare check, but there was no answer and he could smell an odor of decomposition associated with dead bodies. Other officers also testified about how they then went about investigating the case and eventually finding the bodies.

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