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Man followed ex-girlfriend to another state and murdered her in spite of protection order: Sheriff

Andrew Moore Luckhurst. (Mugshot: Harrison County Sheriff's Department)

Andrew Moore Luckhurst. (Mugshot: Harrison County Sheriff’s Department)

Months after she filed for a protection order against him, a man followed his ex-girlfriend across state lines and killed her, authorities out of Harrison County, Mississippi said. Andrew Moore Luckhurst, 44, is charged with first-degree murder, according to local reports.

A man called 911 to report a medical emergency with ongoing CPR, authorities said. Deputies said they arrived at an apartment on Robinson Road to find both Luckhurst and the victim, Becky Endres, 62. Endres was dead, with bruising and fresh blood on her face and head. Authorities claim she had been strangled and sustained blunt force trauma. Endres allegedly had marks on her neck, showing evidence of strangulation. Luckhurst was there for a visit in spite of the protection order, authorities said.

Records out of Lake County, Florida, show that Endres on Aug. 23 filed against Luckhurst for a “PETITION FOR INJUNCTION FOR PROTECTION AGAINST REPEAT VIOLENCE.” The case was closed Oct. 4.

A 44-year-old Andrew Moore Luckhurst pops up a lot in court cases out of the area dating back to a 1997 conviction for grand theft. Other cases include a 2021 DUI case that ended in him being adjudicated guilty, and a dropped 2021 case for battery in which Endres was the victim,

“He is going to kill me,” she told 911 dispatch in documents.

Luckhurst was charged on Aug. 15, 2022, for battery as a second offense, witness tampering, and criminal mischief after a woman said Luckhurst beat her. Authorities redacted her name and relationship from the affidavit, which was filed shortly before Endres filed for the protection order.

Officers noted older bruises on her face, covering the majority of her left cheek and eye.

“She also had red marks around her neck, bruising on her left arm that she was using to hold the right side of her rib cage as she winced in pain every time she took a deep breath,” police wrote. She also had bruising and major swelling to her right forearm, they said. Both abuse incidents involved Luckhurst allegedly drinking.

There is a Nov. 7, 2022, criminal mischief case in which he allegedly smashed the windows of a 2022 Toyota Camry and snatched keys out of the hand of a woman who asked him for directions.

Police claimed to find him wearing just a t-shirt and underwear, and he was laying in a parking lot. He allegedly was unable to give his name or information.

“He was asked numerous times and continued to say he was dead,” police wrote. “He had a clearly altered mental status, likely due to the use of illicit narcotics.”

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