Capitol Police Fire, Rehire Officer After Altercation with Confederate Flag Wavers at Civil Rights Museum

Mississippi Dem Tries to Force School Kids to Recite Ten Commandments

5-Year-Old Calls 911 to Report Grinch Stealing Christmas

TIMELINE: What Happened The Day Jessica Chambers was Murdered

There are Some Problems With State’s Case In the Jessica Chambers Murder Trial

Jessica Chambers Murder Trial: Unraveling The Murder Charges Against Quinton Tellis

3 Killed in Robbery Attempt in Mississippi’s Capital City

Ex-Officer Sentenced to 42 Months in Prison for Visa Fraud

Four High Schoolers Allegedly Put Noose on Black Student’s Neck

Judge Sides With Planned Parenthood in Blocking Anti-Abortion Medicaid Law

County Board of Supervisors Enacts Anti-Clown Ordinance Through Halloween

3-Year-Old Dies After Officer Leaves Her in Hot Car, Police Investigating

Judge Strikes Down Anti-LGBT Law Right Before It Went into Effect

Lawsuit Says Mississippi Flag is ‘Hate Speech’; and It Might be True

Pregnant Woman Wins Legal Fight to Eat Her Own Placenta

Mississippi Gov. Signs Anti-LGBT Religious Liberty Bill into Law

Federal Judge Strikes Down Last Ban on Same-Sex Adoption in Entire Country

Mississippi Senate Passes Bill Allowing LGBT Discrimination in the Name of ‘Religious Liberty’

Mississippi Proposes Alternative to Lethal Injection: Death By Firing Squad

Mississippi Bill Requires Teachers to Grade Parents

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