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Man charged in neglect death of wife after police found her naked in home that was ‘dirty with animal feces’: Cops

Robert Eugene Bradford was charged with manslaughter after medical examiners determined his wife, Robin Grogan, died of "gross negligence." (Mugshot: Brevard County Sheriff's Office)

Robert Eugene Bradford was charged with manslaughter after medical examiners determined his wife, Robin Grogan, died of “gross negligence.” (Mugshot: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office)

Police blame a man for his disabled wife dying from medical problems, saying he did nothing as she languished at home.

“In summary the victim in this case was discovered by law enforcement naked and covered by a pillow on the living room floor,” police in in Cocoa, Florida said in a probable cause affidavit for the arrest of Robert Eugene Bradford. “The residence was dirty with animal feces within the residence. The victim appeared in immediate need of medical attention and was transported to Rockledge Regional Medical Center for treatment. The victim died 12 days after being admitted due to the extreme nature of her medical issue.”

Bradford, 63, is charged with aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person and neglect of an elderly or disabled adult.

Cops said they were called to the home where Bradford lived with his wife, Robin Grogan, on Jan. 5, 2022.

“Mr. Bradford stated his wife has seizures regularly, and randomly screams in the night,” police said.

The defendant allegedly let the responding officer inside.

“Before I walked into the residence Mr. Bradford informed me that he keeps a pillow over her due to her seizures,” they said. “I observed Ms. Grogan laying down under a couch cushion. She looked surprised to see me, and appeared to be very malnourished. Ms. Grogan looked very thin and appeared to not be in a normal state of mind.”

Asked if she wanted medical attention, she said yes, according to cops. An ambulance took her to Rockledge Regional Medical Center, but an officer who attempted to interview her at the hospital said she was unable to speak to him, according to documents.

Grogan succumbed to her medical problems at the hospital on Jan. 17, 2022, authorities said.

During the initial visit in January 2022, Bradford allegedly let police go inside the home to take photos of his wife’s medications. The officer noted trash all over the floor.

“There were flies all over, and empty beer cans piled up in the living room and kitchen area,” officers said. “I located multiple medication bottles that were all empty. Mr. Bradford state previously that she is out of medication and needs her prescription filled.”

Police again made contact with Bradford on his front lawn on Feb. 16, 2022, while Brevard County deputies were serving him an eviction notice.

During a voluntary, non-custodial interview, he told police he and Grogan met 15 years before at a medical rehab facility and were together since then, officers said.

“He is the victim’s Social Security Disability Payee, which is deposited in his joint account,” police said. “The money from that is used for living expenses, food, beer, and marijuana. He did not know how much if any of the money went towards medical care. He believed the victim was seen by a Certified Nursing Assistance [sic] through Sunshine Health approximately one month prior to this incident. He did not prevent the victim from going to the hospital. The victim had not been seen by a medical professional more recently due to them not being able to afford a ride to Sunshine Health.”

Authorities described speaking to Grogan’s sister, who said she tried to step in with power of attorney, but she told police “she was advised that it was unenforceable because of its age.”

The sister said she made multiple reports to the Florida Department of Children and Families but she believed nothing was being done to help Grogan.

“During the investigation I was able to locate two reports from the Florida Department of Children and Families,” documents stated. “The first was made May 1, 2013, and claimed maltreatment environmental hazards; in this report the suspect was the listed caregiver for the victim.”

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The DCF investigation summary described the residence to be a mess.

“The home was dirty but not hazardous noting roaches, dog feces, dirty floors/counters, no running water,” authorities wrote. “The suspect was unable to maintain the residence due to his own disability and the lack of running water was due to a burst water pipe.”

An adult protective investigator for DCF listed the maltreatment claim as unfounded.

A second report on July 8, 2019 followed additional allegations of “maltreatment environmental hazards” and also maltreatment resulting in physical injury. Bradford was again the suspect.

“The suspect was arrested for aggravated battery on the victim for biting her and breaking her skin,” the investigative summary said, according to police. “The residence was dirty and had a strong odor of cigarettes. The victim stated she was not afraid of the suspect.”

Another DCF investigator found the environmental hazards claim to be unfounded but noted there needed to be intervention for the physical mistreatment.

According to cops, Cocoa police arrested Bradford June 6, 2019, for aggravated battery domestic violence. Police said, however, that Grogan’s sister told them about the victim refusing to cooperate with prosecutors; she believed that was why the case was dropped.

Police received the Brevard County Medical Examiner’s Office autopsy report on Nov. 17, 2022, according to the affidavit.

“The report stated that the victim’s cause(s) of death was “complications of encephalopathy, protein-calorie malnutrition and sepsis with pneumonia and necrotizing fasciitis,” documents said. “The report further states that cause(s) of death was due to ‘Gross Negligence’ with an undetermined manner of death.”

Though he was receiving social security money on her behalf, Bradford could not say the last time his received any medical care or if any of the disability payments went to it.

Police said that “any reasonable and prudent person” would know Grogan needed medical help immediately based on “obvious signs of distress”: her inability to communicate, being extremely underweight, and suffering from open sores.

“The initial call for service was initiated by an anonymous female caller and not the suspect attempting to get care and treatment for the victim,” the affidavit noted.

Bradford’s attorney did not immediately respond to a Law&Crime request for comment.

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