Sheriff: Jessica Chambers’ Ex-Boyfriend Was Killed Over a Dice Game

Man Accused of Slaying Brother’s Family, Starting Fire Is Finally Arraigned and His Lawyers Drop Him

Florida Kindergarten Teacher Allegedly Recorded Herself Sexually Abusing a Child

‘It’s Terrible’: Jessica Chambers’ Ex-Boyfriend Shot to Death in His Mississippi Home

Woman Allegedly Claimed She Shot Boyfriend in the Head While Acting Out a Movie Scene

‘No Fairness in Massachusetts’: Aaron Hernandez Attorney Rips Court for Reinstating Conviction

Shanann Watts’ Mom Says She ‘Felt’ Her Daughter’s Soul at Moment of Death

Gloria Allred’s New Client Says He Found Video of R. Kelly Abusing Girls

Chicago Police Are Investigating Why There Were So Many Leaks About Jussie Smollett Case

Murder Charges Will Be Filed Against Floyd Galloway in the 2016 Abduction and Death of Danielle Stislicki

Patrick Frazee Says Only 1-Year-Old Daughter Can Make Wrongful Death Claim for Alleged Murder of Kelsey Berreth

Elderly Hispanic Man Says He Wished Attacker Got Lesser Sentence for Beating Him with Brick

Filmmaker Says Liam McAtasney First Suggested Murder Plan as Horror Movie

Gay Rights Activist Accused of Burning Down Own Home, Killing 5 Pets in Incident FBI Investigated as Hate Crime

FBI: All Violent Crimes Other Than Rape Trended Down in 2018

This Is Why Paul Caneiro Allegedly Massacred Brother, Sister-in-Law, Niece, and Nephew

Cop on Leave After Wife Was Allegedly Shot During Their Struggle over Gun

‘Civil War if Trump Impeached’: Feds Say Alleged White Nationalist Terrorist Targeted Liberal Figures

Fmr GOP Candidate to Plead Guilty After Allegedly Spending $1M in Donations on Strip Clubs, ‘Escort Services,’ and More

Jussie Smollett Has Been Charged with Felony Disorderly Conduct

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