PA Judge Accused of Being Too Tough on Sex Offenders Quits

Disney Employee Charged with Video Voyeurism After Allegedly Recording in Theme Park Bathroom

Sandy Hook School Shooter Adam Lanza Had ‘Scorn For Humanity’

James Fields Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder in the Death of Heather Heyer

Death Penalty Sought for Border Patrol Agent

Border Patrol Agent Who Allegedly Targeted Sex Workers Charged with Capital Murder

‘I’m Sorry…I Didn’t Want to Hurt People’: Heather Heyer’s Killer Initially Expressed Remorse

New Jersey Mother Opens Up After Convicted Terrorist Murders Her Son

Inmates Sue to Block Federal Prison in Kentucky

Chris Watts Sued by Shanann Watts’ Parents for Wrongful Death as He’s Sentenced for Her Murder

Judge Strikes Down Law Against Female Genital Mutilation

Infamous ‘Dine-and-Dash Dater’ Gets Jail Time, Banned from Dating Apps

Man Arrested for House Fire After His Brother and Family Were Mysteriously Killed in Separate Mansion Blaze

Victims of the Chicago Hospital Shooting Have Been Identified

Lawyer for Woman Involved in Alleged GoFundMe Scam Is Hoping Secret Recording Gets Her Off the Hook

Sentencing Bill’s Odds Improve, But Are No Sure Thing

Ex-Tulsa Officer Who Killed Man Disinvited from Talk

Florida Woman Accused Sheriff’s Deputy of Rape, Now She Faces a Felony Charge for it

Police: Texas Man Jimmie Jock Tarrer Killed Black Woman Who Accused His Wife of Using the N-Word

Music Superstar John Legend Joins Ohio Rally for Justice Reform

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