‘Bad Wig Bandit’ Robbed Three Banks in North Carolina, FBI Says

Have you seen this fabulously coiffed individual? The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Charlotte, North Carolina say a bank robber targeted these locations in the region in December and January. They’ve dubbed this suspect the “Bad Wig Bandit.” Now they need your help in solving the case.

  • The first robbery happened December 13, 2019 at a BB&T Bank in Hunstersville, says the FBI. As indicated in the wanted poster, the suspect wore a blonde wig featuring straight hair and trimmed bangs.

The “Bad Wig Bandit” was apparently pretty busy on Wednesday. The FBI says there were two robberies that day.

  • The second incident occurred at the New Horizon Bank in Belmont. Here, the suspect adopts a way more “emo” look: long velvet-colored hair, with a hood obscuring the person’s face.
  • The third incident happened five hours later at a Wells Fargo in Gastonia, said the FBI. This time, a camera caught what seems to be the clearest available view of the Bandit’s face. This time, the suspect is in a black wig featuring curls.

The FBI describes the “Bad Wig Bandit” as a black man, with a medium build, in his 20s or 30s.

Officials ask that anyone with tips contact their local FBI office, the nearest American Embassy or Consulate, or go to tips.fbi.gov.

[Images via Federal Bureau of Investigation]

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