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Legal Analysis

Loophole Could Prevent Assange from Being Sent to U.S. to Face Charges

Federal Judge Hands Rick Scott Huge Loss While Masterfully Trolling Marco Rubio’s Football Analogy

Here’s Why the Wall Street Journal‘s Latest Report Means Roger Stone Is Probably Screwed

Robert Mueller’s Written Questions for President Trump May Signal the Beginning of the End

No, CNN’s Jim Acosta Did Not Criminally Assault a White House Intern

Legal Expert: There Is ‘No Legal Ethics Issue Here’ That Would Force Matthew Whitaker to Recuse Himself

Barack Obama’s Revenge? Republican Court Victories May End Up Giving House Democrats Vast Power

Top 5 Ways Democratic Control of the House Poses ‘Significant’ Legal Problems for Trump

Extensive New Report Breaks Down Specifics of Multiple Potential Trump Campaign Crimes

Federal Court Lectures the U.S. Supreme Court, Rules Some Purged Ohio Voters Can Cast Ballots Anyway

EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Bill de Blasio Served Subpoena in NYPD Corruption Case

Ecuador May Have Just Blown Robert Mueller’s Russia Probe Wide Open

Here’s Megyn Kelly’s Best Shot at Legal Victory Over NBC

Did John Kelly Commit a Crime in White House Fight with Corey Lewandowski?

Trump’s Lawyer Seriously Flounders in Court While Arguing Against Summer Zervos’ Defamation Case

The Other Part of Trump’s ‘Horseface’ Tweet Could Come Back to Bite Him

Law Prof Calls B.S. on Melania Trump’s Claim About Sex Assault Victims

Brett Kavanaugh Has a Pretty Good Defense Against a Perjury Charge

Jeff Flake’s Kavanaugh Statement Gets the Law Wrong

Kavanaugh May Very Well Be Impeached Even if He Is Confirmed to the Supreme Court

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