Legal Analysis

Let’s Dissect Roy Moore Lawyer’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Demand Letter

Trump Jr. May Have Violated Computer Fraud Law, Cyber Crime Expert Says

Rand Paul’s Potential Personal Injury Lawsuit is All But a Sure Shot

Even If Moore Wins, Senate Can Just Kick Him Out

In Bid to Free Steven Avery, Attorney Kathleen Zellner Seems to be Omitting Some Key Facts

ANALYSIS: David Boies May Have Violated Attorney-Client Privilege to Dish on Harvey Weinstein

Why Wasn’t Rand Paul’s Attacker Charged with a Felony for Allegedly Breaking His Ribs?

A Gag Order By Manafort Judge Would Violate Free Speech & Fair Trial

Trump Called for FBI to Investigate Clinton. Impeachable? Maybe.

DiCaprio’s NDAs Would Probably Get Laughed Out of Court

Fmr White House Lawyer: Trump Tweet Against Papadopoulos May Be Obstruction of Justice

Here’s the Deal With the Diversity Visa Lottery Program President Trump Wants to End

Manafort Indictment Contains At Least One Glaring Factual Error

The Paul Manafort Indictment Has Nothing To Do With Donald Trump

Paul Manafort’s Conspiracy Indictment Sounds Far Scarier Than It Is

Mueller May Have Been Illegally Appointed to Job, Legal Expert Says

ANALYSIS: Trump Campaign Likely Broke Law By Requesting Emails From Assange

Did Clinton Campaign Collude With The Russians By Funding Dossier Research?

Not Only is Janet Jackson Not Banned from Super Bowl, CBS Wasn’t Even Punished for ‘Nipplegate’

Rep. Frederica Wilson Might Have a Defamation Case Against John Kelly

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