Legal Analysis

Covington Catholic Students Are Considering Legal Action

Law Prof: Giuliani Could Face Lawsuit for Accusation Against Michael Cohen’s Father-in-Law

Trump-Stormy Daniels Case Illustrates Why Elon Musk Will Very Likely Get Away with His ‘Pedo Guy’ Tweets

Trump’s ‘Bone Spur’ Exemption from Vietnam May Have Been Illegal

Trump Personally Employs Undocumented Immigrants? That May Be a Federal Crime

Here’s What Could Be Under Some of Those Redactions in the Flynn Memo

Sean Hannity Apparently Thinks Trump Can Investigate the DOJ via Military Tribunal. That’s ‘Completely False.’

Details of Trump Moscow Project Reveal Plans of Potential Illegal Dealings with Putin

Perjury Traps Are Real, But They’re Not What Team Trump Says They Are

‘If True, Highly Unethical’: Michael Avenatti May Have Another Big Problem on His Hands

Trump Warned Everyone the Paul Manafort Disaster Was Coming — Did You Notice?

Mueller May Have Just Found a Clever Way of Using Manafort to Bypass Matthew Whitaker

Bad News for Trump? Judge in Russia Case Says Collusion Could Be Enough for Criminal Charge

Loophole Could Prevent Assange from Being Sent to U.S. to Face Charges

Federal Judge Hands Rick Scott Huge Loss While Masterfully Trolling Marco Rubio’s Football Analogy

Here’s Why the Wall Street Journal‘s Latest Report Means Roger Stone Is Probably Screwed

Robert Mueller’s Written Questions for President Trump May Signal the Beginning of the End

No, CNN’s Jim Acosta Did Not Criminally Assault a White House Intern

Legal Expert: There Is ‘No Legal Ethics Issue Here’ That Would Force Matthew Whitaker to Recuse Himself

Barack Obama’s Revenge? Republican Court Victories May End Up Giving House Democrats Vast Power

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