Legal Analysis

There’s No Way FEC and FCC Could Successfully Investigate SNL for Making Fun of Trump

Sean Hannity Can Try to Fight a Subpoena, But He Likely Gave Up His Best Defense Already

Is It Realistic That Jussie Smollett Will Also Face Federal Mail Fraud Charges? Probably Not.

Legal Analysis: Is Regretful ISIS Bride Hoda Muthana an American Citizen or Not?

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Nick Sandmann’s Lawyers May Have Just Cost Him Millions with a Rookie Mistake

‘This. Is. Not. Okay’: Legal Experts Say Roger Stone’s Judge-Crosshairs Stunt Could Land Him Behind Bars

No, Andrew McCabe Did Not Commit Treason By Plotting to Remove Trump Using the Constitution

If AMI’s Jeff Bezos Shakedown Was Criminal, They Can Kiss Their Non-Prosecution Agreement Goodbye

Here’s What Happens if Ralph Northam Resigns (And How He Could Be Forced Out)

Law Prof Suggests Trump Pardon May Not Be Enough to Save Roger Stone

If Michael Cohen Isn’t Careful, He May End Up Being Held in Criminal Contempt

Covington Catholic Students Are Considering Legal Action

Law Prof: Giuliani Could Face Lawsuit for Accusation Against Michael Cohen’s Father-in-Law

Trump-Stormy Daniels Case Illustrates Why Elon Musk Will Very Likely Get Away with His ‘Pedo Guy’ Tweets

Trump’s ‘Bone Spur’ Exemption from Vietnam May Have Been Illegal

Trump Personally Employs Undocumented Immigrants? That May Be a Federal Crime

Here’s What Could Be Under Some of Those Redactions in the Flynn Memo

Sean Hannity Apparently Thinks Trump Can Investigate the DOJ via Military Tribunal. That’s ‘Completely False.’

Details of Trump Moscow Project Reveal Plans of Potential Illegal Dealings with Putin

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