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Legal Analysis

What Brett Kavanaugh Got Wrong About Maryland’s Drinking Age in Fox News Interview

Top Potentially Troublesome Moments For Kavanaugh During His FOX Interview

Kavanaugh Friend Ed Whelan Just Put Himself in Some Major Legal Jeopardy

Some #FakeNews About Christine Blasey Ford’s Parents That Needs to be Debunked

With New Details of Kavanaugh Allegations, Could the Supreme Court Nominee Face Criminal Charges?

If the Allegations Are True, Could Brett Kavanaugh Face Criminal Charges? Maybe.

Trump Responds to Woodward Book By Suggesting Change to Laws That Don’t Exist

Trump Hints at Revoking NBC’s Broadcast License Over Weinstein Decision, But It Doesn’t Work That Way

Democrats Could Sue to Force Special Election for John McCain’s Seat

The Strong Argument That Trump’s Involvement in Payments is Not Impeachable Offense

Donald Trump is Wrong. Campaign Finance Violations Are Definitely Crimes.

If Omarosa Is Telling the Truth, Mueller Has a Lot More on Trump Than Tweets

Here’s the Real Legal Danger for Omarosa

White House Reportedly Looking into Legal Options Regarding Omarosa Tapes. History is Not on Their Side.

Omarosa Taping John Kelly in White House Situation Room Likely Not Criminal

Blame Congress, Not the Internet, for Creating Alex Jones

Alex Jones is Being Purged from the Internet. Can He Sue?

Ted Cruz’s Criticism of Facebook Suggests He Doesn’t Understand How Freedom of Speech Works

Here’s How Mueller Could Bring Witness Tampering Charges Based on Trump’s Tweets

UPDATE: White House Fixes Omission in Trump/Putin Transcript

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