Legal Analysis

Jared Kushner Bungled the Law Which Requires an Emergency Stockpile of Medical Supplies

Fox News Can’t Easily Be Sued Over COVID-19 Coverage, Despite Supposed ‘Real Concern’ at the Network

Bill de Blasio Can’t Close Houses of Worship ‘Permanently’ Because of COVID-19 Crisis

Trump and Congress Can Legally Strong-Arm States to Reopen for Business

Trump’s Right: OSHA Regulations Allow Hospitals to Clean and Re-Use Some Masks

Will Coronavirus Get You Out of That Contract? There’s a Good Chance

Sorry, Gov. Cuomo: New York City Can Do a Lot to Legally ‘Quarantine’ Itself

This Law Says You’re Mostly Screwed If You Receive Bad Coronavirus Products, Vaccines, or Treatments

‘Shelter in Place’ Might Mean NYC Uses Fire Code, Not Health Code, to Fight the Coronavirus

America’s Most Shocking Quarantine Laws: $2.00 Salaries, Clauses for Immigrants, and Hospitals in Vacant Homes

No, Trump Can’t Legally Use Coronavirus to Move the 2020 Election and Stay in Office Longer

If the Government Thinks You Have Coronavirus, There’s Probably Nothing You Can Do to Avoid Quarantine

Does Trump’s Lawsuit Against New York Times Stand a Chance?

Clarence Thomas Thinks You Shouldn’t Be Able to Sue the Feds for Civil Rights Violations

No, Trump’s Removal of Lt. Col. Vindman and Gordon Sondland Is Not Criminal Retaliation

No, Nancy Pelosi Didn’t Break the Law When Destroying Trump’s Speech

Here’s What Needs to Happen Before Virginia’s Vote to Pass Equal Rights Amendment Means Anything

The Trump Admin’s Likely Legal Justifications for Bypassing Congress to Kill Qassem Soleimani

Cenk Uygur Has a Good Legal Case for Suing the New York Times Over David Duke ‘Lie’ (Update)

Law Profs: Robert Reich’s Op-Ed on Trump’s Pardon Power Got the Impeachment Exception Wrong

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