Legal Analysis

Here’s What Needs to Happen Before Virginia’s Vote to Pass Equal Rights Amendment Means Anything

The Trump Admin’s Likely Legal Justifications for Bypassing Congress to Kill Qassem Soleimani

Cenk Uygur Has a Good Legal Case for Suing the New York Times Over David Duke ‘Lie’ (Update)

Law Profs: Robert Reich’s Op-Ed on Trump’s Pardon Power Got the Impeachment Exception Wrong

Some Are Suggesting Congress Use Its ‘Inherent Contempt’ Power — Here’s What That Means

‘Bribery’ for Impeachment Purposes Is Not the Same as Criminal Bribery

Will Amber Guyger Testify at Her Own Murder Trial?

Confused by Nancy Pelosi’s Announcement? Here’s How Impeachment Actually Works

‘Open and Shut Case’: Edward Snowden Seems Pretty Screwed in New DOJ Lawsuit

Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Corruption Plan Is a Boon for Attorneys, Would Bring Pain to the ‘Wealthy and Well-Connected’

Chief Justice Roberts Killed the Citizenship Question and Trump’s Asylum Ban Might Be Next

Legal Expert: ‘Don’t Look Too Latina’ Comment to MSNBC Journalist Could Violate Employment Laws

Why It’s Pretty Much Impossible Legally Speaking to Make 8chan Disappear

Top 7 Takeaways from House Democrats’ Lawsuit Over Trump’s Tax Returns

Michael Flynn’s New Lawyer Appears to Set Stage for Presidential Pardon

SCOTUS Just Made It Harder To Prosecute Immigrants For Gun Crimes

Here’s Why the Prosecution’s Case Just Blew Up in War Crimes Trial of Eddie Gallagher

ACLU Sues Trump Administration for Totally Distorting the Concept of ‘Discrimination’

Legal Expert: Texas Teacher Fired Over Twitter Rant About ‘Illegal Students’ Has ‘Uphill Battle’

Trump Just Slammed Biden Over 1994 Crime Bill. What Exactly Did Biden Do?

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