WATCH LIVE: Closing Arguments for Dalia Dippolito Murder-for-Hire Retrial

The retrial of a Florida woman accused of paying an undercover cop $7,000 to kill is underway and is carrying a livestream of the trial that can be watched when court is in session, above.

Dalia Dippolito was captured on cameras during the television show “Cops” paying an undercover officer, but she says the entire thing was set up by “a corrupt department” to impress the producers of the television show.

Dippolito’s defense team wrapped up its case on Monday afternoon, calling a retired LAPD detective to the stand as it’s final witness who criticized the Boynton Beach Police Department’s handling of the case.  The purpose of the testimony was to bolster the defense’s previous claims that a confidential informant was coerced by the Boynton Beach PD to participate in a key aspect of the sting operation that allegedly busted Dippolito.

There was a bit of drama late Monday morning as to whether Dippolito would take the stand and testify, but she ultimately decided against it.  She did not testify in the first trial either.

“I’m not going to testify,” Dippolito told the judge.

The defense then rested and the prosecution called a rebuttal witness and played then video of Dippolito’s reaction at the staged “murder” scene over the defense’s objection.

WATCH Staged ‘Murder’ Scene:

The prosecution and defense then both gave closing arguments that lasted into early Monday evening.  The prosecution  will give its final rebuttal argument on Monday morning and then the case will go to the jury, consisting of four women and two men.

Dippolito was convicted at her first trial in 2011 and sentenced to 20-years in prison for solicitation to commit first-degree murder with a firearm. However, an appeals court overturned her conviction in 2014 and granted her a new trial.  She has been out of jail on bond since then first verdict was thrown out.

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