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Sexual Assault Class Action Lawsuit Could Have Serious Repercussions Across Midwest Universities

Lobbyist’s Failed Attempt to Change Title IX Would Have Let His Son Appeal Expulsion Before Mom

One Tweet About Betsy DeVos’ Title IX Proposal Has People Convinced the ACLU Is Dead

Top Five Reasons to Loathe Betsy DeVos Today

’21st Century Animal House’: Lawsuit Alleges Dartmouth Profs Created Culture of Drinking, Drug Use, Sexual Assault

Lawsuits Claim Harvard, NYU Law Reviews Damage Themselves and Others by Favoring Minorities

Trump Admin Wants to Know if Obama-Era Transgender Bathroom Policy Led to Girl’s Sexual Assault

Transgender Student Fights Back, Wins Approval For High School Yearbook Photo

High School Censors Transgender Student’s Photo Out of High School Yearbook

Attorney Resigns After Wishing on Twitter that DeVos Would Get Sexually Assaulted

Betsy DeVos Has New Plan to Combat Campus Rape, and It Makes Little Sense

DeVos to Share Plans on Title IX Enforcement for Campus Sex Assaults

The DOJ’s Absurd Move to Drum Up Support From… White People

University Censures Law Professor for Brazilian Wax Exam Question

Lawsuit Alleges Gang Rapes, Dog Fighting at Baylor University Football Team Parties

Calm Down Libs, Trump’s Policy on Transgender Bathrooms Isn’t End of the World

Leaked Draft Letter Shows Trump’s Plans to Revoke Obama Transgender Bathroom Rules

Trump Will Do Away With Obama Transgender Student Guidelines, Report Says

In Transgender Restroom Fight, Trump’s DOJ Sides With Bathroom Bigots

Five Reasons Parents Should Be Very, Very Scared of Betsy DeVos

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