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Justice Brett Kavanaugh Hires Only Female Clerks, a Supreme Court First

GOP Sen. Susan Collins Announces She Will Vote to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

Watch Live: GOP Sen. Susan Collins Announces Kavanaugh Decision

Watch Live: Senate Votes on Ending Debate over Kavanaugh Confirmation

Kavanaugh May Very Well Be Impeached Even if He Is Confirmed to the Supreme Court

Judiciary Committee Approves Brett Kavanaugh 11-10. Confirmation Will Next Go Before Full Senate

Watch Live: Senate Judiciary Committee Meets to Discuss Vote on Kavanaugh Confirmation

ABA President Calls for FBI Investigation of Kavanaugh Before Senate Committee Vote

Even if Kavanaugh Is Confirmed, Here’s How He Could Be Removed

Dan Abrams: At This Rate, Kavanaugh Will Be Gone Tomorrow

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Blasts Current State of Supreme Court Confirmations: ‘A Highly Partisan Show’

In Written Responses to Senators, Kavanaugh Totally Dodges Abortion Questions

Brett Kavanaugh’s Response to Roe v. Wade Questions Should Satisfy Liberals. But It Won’t.

Top 4 Controversial Clashes of Brett Kavanaugh’s First Round of Questioning

Doctors Claim They Saw Protesters Get Paid to Disrupt Kavanaugh Hearing

Watch Live: Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Day 2

‘This Drivel is Patently Absurd’: Sen. Ben Sasse Rips His Colleagues to Shreds Over Supreme Court Theatrics

Justice Delivers Scathing Rebuke in Retirement Announcement, After State House Impeaches Entire Supreme Court

Latest Objection: If ‘Lord Voldemort’ Is Confirmed to SCOTUS, Frogs Will Die

CNN Profile of Female Supreme Court Finalist Leads with How Many Children She Has

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