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Whoopsies?! State Accused of Fudging Reality in ‘Making a Murderer’ Supreme Court Brief

Grassley Pushes Justices to Retire Before Election: ‘Do It Yesterday’ (LISTEN)

‘Splitless Request’: State Slams ‘Making a Murderer’ Subject Brendan Dassey’s Supreme Court Bid

Solicitor General Tells SCOTUS in Letter that He Messed Up When Saying Trump Praised Muslims

Justices Grill Both Sides with Extreme Hypotheticals in Travel Ban Arguments (LISTEN)

Current SCOTUS Case May Shed Light on Robert Mueller’s Future

SCOTUS Decides Not to Get Involved in DACA Debate — For Now

SCOTUS Knocks Down GOP Attempt to Block Pennsylvania Redistricting

Why Dreamers Should Lose at the U.S. Supreme Court

New Book Claims Trump Wanted High Profile Politician on Supreme Court, Not Gorsuch

Supreme Court to Take Up Ohio’s Purges of Inactive Voters

Supreme Court Allows Full Enforcement of Trump Travel Ban

Trump Mocks Ginsburg and Sotomayor’s Health; Predicts He’ll Replace Them Soon: Report

Three Reasons Why GOP’s Offensive 20-Week Abortion Ban is Going to Fail

Supreme Court Will Decide if Gerrymandering Can Get Too Political

Supreme Court Conservatives on Rise as Important Term Begins

Justice Ginsburg Blames Sexism For Clinton’s Loss: ‘Major, Major Factor’

Justices Grant Execution Stay to Consider Juror Racial Bias

Supreme Court Cancels Arguments in Travel Ban Case

Justice Neil Gorsuch Accused of Campaigning for Senator Mitch McConnell

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