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Justice Elena Kagan: I Will Never Accept Supreme Court’s Gerrymandering Decision

Gerrymandering Trial Could Have Major Impact on 2020 Election in State ‘Closely Divided Politically’

AG Barr: Citizenship Question Can Still Be Added Legally

Trump Reportedly Considering Executive Order in Response to SCOTUS Census Decision

Trump Administration Misses Deadline It Set to Begin Printing 2020 Census

Supreme Court Rules That Partisan Gerrymandering Issue Is ‘Beyond the Reach of Federal Courts’

SCOTUS Blocks 2020 Census Citizenship Question, Cites ‘Significant Mismatch’ Between Evidence and Explanation

Experts Recommend SCOTUS Adopt Code of Ethics to Promote Accountability

‘FUCT’ Wins in Supreme Court as Justices Strike Down Ban on ‘Immoral’ Trademarks

Clarence Thomas Suggests Anti-Discrimination Guardrails in Jury Selection Process Should Be Removed

Justices Gorsuch and Thomas Side with Liberals in Virginia Gerrymandering Case

Challengers of 2020 Census Citizenship Question Ask SCOTUS to Push Back Decision

Supreme Court Rejects Cases on Gun Silencers and Guantanamo Bay Detainees

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Praises Brett Kavanaugh for Making History

Supreme Court Sides with Hospitals, Overturns Obama-Era Medicare Rule

U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear 3 New Cases — Here’s What You Need to Know

Clarence Thomas Invokes Eugenics More Than 60 Times In Tuesday’s Opinion

Clarence Thomas Says Supreme Court Justices ‘Soon Need to Confront’ Abortion Issue

NY Angers Second Amendment Advocates by Attempting to Change Gun Law Ahead of SCOTUS Review

Supreme Court Blocks Gerrymandering Decisions in Two States as 2020 Nears

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