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Justice Delivers Scathing Rebuke in Retirement Announcement, After State House Impeaches Entire Supreme Court

Latest Objection: If ‘Lord Voldemort’ Is Confirmed to SCOTUS, Frogs Will Die

CNN Profile of Female Supreme Court Finalist Leads with How Many Children She Has

Avenatti Invokes #FightClub as He Blames Dems for Fate of Obama SCOTUS Pick Merrick Garland

Here’s Who Could Replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Retiring

Justice Kagan Torches Decision in Union Dues Case: ‘Judicial Disruption Does Not Get Any Greater’

Justice Kennedy: California Isn’t as ‘Forward Thinking’ as It Likes to Believe

‘Making a Murderer’: Supreme Court Meets Today on Brendan Dassey Case

Justice Kagan Refuses to Even Consider Issue that Would Make it Easier to Fire Robert Mueller

SCOTUS Punts on Gerrymandering Issues by Knocking Down Long-Awaited Cases in Narrow Rulings

Supreme Court Upholds State’s Controversial Voter Registration Deletion Practice

In Surprising Move, Justice Kagan Issues ‘Full’ Agreement with Ruling in Favor of Baker Who Refused to Bake Cake for Gay Wedding

‘Making a Murderer’: Calendar Set for Supreme Court Review of Brendan Dassey Case

Understanding Planned Parenthood’s SCOTUS Loss (Hint: Don’t Panic or Celebrate)

Alito Blasts Justices in Scathing Dissent: Fourth Amendment is Not an ‘Ass’

Whoopsies?! State Accused of Fudging Reality in ‘Making a Murderer’ Supreme Court Brief

Grassley Pushes Justices to Retire Before Election: ‘Do It Yesterday’ (LISTEN)

‘Splitless Request’: State Slams ‘Making a Murderer’ Subject Brendan Dassey’s Supreme Court Bid

Solicitor General Tells SCOTUS in Letter that He Messed Up When Saying Trump Praised Muslims

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