supreme court

Brett Kavanaugh Sides with Liberal SCOTUS Justices in 5-4 Decision Against Apple

SCOTUS to Decide Whether Civil Rights Act Covers Sexual Orientation, Transgender Discrimination

Supreme Court Justice Uses Steak Recipe to Dispute Court’s Ruling in Alien Detention Case

Thanks to Supreme Court, We May Get to Learn More About Mystery Mueller Opponent’s Case

Trump Admin Gets Another Win for Transgender Military Ban with Supreme Court Ruling

SCOTUS Gets Request to Put Mystery Mueller Opponent’s Case on the Record

Mystery Mueller Opponent Is Ready to Take its Case All the Way to the Top

SCOTUS Sides with Mystery Mueller Opponent, For Now

Multiple Officials Who Worked Under Republican Administrations Denounce Trump’s Asylum Ban

High Court Issue: Police Abuse vs. Free Speech

Chief Justice John Roberts Scolds President Trump for ‘Obama Judge’ Remark

Justice Brett Kavanaugh Hires Only Female Clerks, a Supreme Court First

GOP Sen. Susan Collins Announces She Will Vote to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

Watch Live: GOP Sen. Susan Collins Announces Kavanaugh Decision

Watch Live: Senate Votes on Ending Debate over Kavanaugh Confirmation

Kavanaugh May Very Well Be Impeached Even if He Is Confirmed to the Supreme Court

Judiciary Committee Approves Brett Kavanaugh 11-10. Confirmation Will Next Go Before Full Senate

Watch Live: Senate Judiciary Committee Meets to Discuss Vote on Kavanaugh Confirmation

ABA President Calls for FBI Investigation of Kavanaugh Before Senate Committee Vote

Even if Kavanaugh Is Confirmed, Here’s How He Could Be Removed

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