special counsel

Legal Commentators Call for ‘Special Counsel 2.0’ in Response to Trump-Ukraine Scandal

Fed Judge: ‘Difficult to Reconcile’ Mueller Report with AG Barr’s Statements

Alan Dershowitz Accuses Robert Mueller of ‘Abusing His Position of Trust’

Special Counsel’s Office Has Referred False Sexual Assault Allegation Plot Against Mueller to the FBI

Newly Uncovered Video Confirms Kavanaugh Critics’ Worst Fears About Roe v. Wade

Trump Might be Able to Fire Mueller, Without Actually Firing Mueller

Trump Reportedly Considered Firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller

In Desperate Move, Trump Lawyer Challenges Legality of Manafort Raid

No, Gingrich, Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia Investigation Isn’t Partisan

Special Counsel Mueller’s Investigation Seems to be Growing

Trump Finalizing Outside Legal Team for Russia Investigation, Report Says

In Robert Mueller, Russia Probe Gets Fresh Blood With Familiar Credentials

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