Vermont Dem Apparently Forgot that Slavery in America Was a Thing

Harvard Law Prof Basically Just Called Trump a Slaveowner

Kanye Just Tweeted That We Should Undo the 13th Amendment

The Word ‘Immigration’ Appears Exactly Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution

Birthplace of the Confederacy Finally Considers Apologizing for Slavery

School Assignment Asked Students to List ‘Positives’ of Slavery

Middle School Students Told to Draw Themselves as Slaves for Homework Assignment

4th Grade Assignment Asked Students to Give 3 ‘Good’ Reasons for Slavery

Roy Moore Once Said The Last Time America Was Great Was ‘When We Had Slavery’

Louisiana Sheriff Slams Prison Reforms Because It Means Losing ‘The Ones You Can Work’

Lawsuit Seeks to Stop Removal of Confederate Statues

Md. City Removing Statue of Justice Who Affirmed Slavery

Descendants of Georgetown University Slaves Will Get Admissions Preference

Harvard Law School Changes Historic ‘Racist’ Seal Because Students are Offended

A YMCA Actually Forced Black Campers to Play Slaves in a Reenactment

Feds: Texas Couple Trapped Nanny in Life of Slavery

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