Sally Yates

Sally Yates: Trump Believing He Has ‘Absolute Right’ to Election Interference Is ‘Even More Dangerous’ Than Him Lying

Bombshell Email Suggests Comey May Have Misled Congress About Meetings With Obama on Russian Hacking

Latest Revelation Of Trump Action Opens New Avenue In Probe

Trump’s Legal Team Wants New Special Counsel To Investigate Robert Mueller

Could This ‘Anti-Trump’ Message From Mueller Team Member be Used to Prove Bias?

‘Abnormal’: Sally Yates Shreds Trump for Firing Comey, Bullying Sessions

Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance Better Be Revoked, and Here’s Why

Curious Trump Team Query Now Seen as Russia Warning Sign

Sally Yates Should Be Investigated For Her Possible Role in Watergate-Style Surveillance

Georgia Republicans Try to Kill Off Resolution Praising Former Acting AG Sally Yates

FLASHBACK: Sen. Sessions Asks Sally Yates If Attorney General Should Resist President’s Unlawful Policies

FACT CHECK: Is Trump’s Firing of Yates Similiar to Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre?

Who is Sally Yates? Republicans Called Her ‘Hero’ Before She Defied Trump’s Order

Acting Attorney General (Obama Appointee) Fired for Forgetting Lessons of Civics Class 101

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