Roger Ailes

Fmr Fox News Booker Sues Showtime for $750M Over Roger Ailes Series, and Guess Who Her Lawyer Is

21st Century Fox Paid $50 Million to Settle Harassment, Discrimination Claims

Dan Abrams Discusses Implications Roger Ailes’ Death Could Have on Fox Lawsuits

As Federal Probe of Fox Expands, Report Shows New Details of Spying, Intimidation

Fox News Paid Pundit Calls for Human Rights Investigation of Her Own Network

Ailes Lawyer Calls Julie Roginsky’s Sexual Harassment Claim ‘Hogwash’

Democratic Fox News Pundit Sues Network, Execs Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Why Greta Van Susteren Can’t Be Taken Seriously About Fox’s Sexual Harassment Scandals Anymore

Federal Authorities May Be Investigating Fox News for Violating Law

Fmr Fox Booker on Roger Ailes Abuse: He Said ‘Don’t Ever Question’ Me (WATCH)

Leaked Excerpts of Megyn Kelly’s Book Appear to Detail Alleged Harassment By Roger Ailes

In 11 Other States, What Gretchen Carlson Did to Roger Ailes Would be a Crime

Gretchen Carlson, Fox to Settle for $20 Million, Report Says

Roger Ailes Hires Lawyer Who Took Down Gawker to Go After NY Mag‘s Sherman

Media Matters Threatens Legal Action After Report That Ailes, Fox ‘Illegally’ Hacked Journalists

Report: 21st Century Fox in Settlement Talks With Three Women Harassed by Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes’ Alleged Use of Company Funds Could Make Him Liable to Fox

Report: Fox News Investigation Now Looking at Who Else Knew About Alleged Harassment

Fmr. Fox Anchor’s Lawyer: Investigators Never Contacted Us About Ailes

Fox News Just Learned You Can’t Pay Women Off to Shut the Hell Up

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