Rick Gates

Did Robert Mueller Just Hint that the Russia Investigation Will Drag on into 2019?

Is Papadopoulos Sentencing Memo Really Just Plea For Trump Pardon? At Least One Expert Thinks So.

After Much Anticipation, the Jury Has Sealed Paul Manafort’s Fate

All the Ways Manafort’s Lawyers Tore into Mueller’s Most Controversial Witness

Mueller Prosecutors Reveal the Real MVP of Paul Manafort’s First Trial

Reminder: Mueller Reportedly Told Rick Gates Using Him Was Always About the Trump Campaign

After Rick Gates’ Testimony in Manafort Trial, Robert Mueller Says He’s Still Not Done with Him

Multiple Pieces of Forged Evidence Were Finally Explained at the Paul Manafort Trial

Rick Gates Digs the Knife in Deep and Twists with Detailed Account of Tax Fraud Scheme

‘I Wouldn’t Believe a Word’: Fmr NYPD Commissioner Has Doubts About Robert Mueller’s Key Witness

What Rick Gates Just Did to Paul Manafort Represents a First for Mueller’s Investigation

Paul Manafort’s Defense Was Just Dealt Multiple Blows By Immunized Accountant

Two Pieces of Apparently Forged Evidence Suggest We’re in for Some Fireworks in the Manafort Trial

Rick Gates Is Paul Manafort’s Fall Guy

FBI Has Been Breathing Down Manafort’s Neck Since Long Before the Trump Campaign

Rick Gates Must Have Some Good Dirt for Mueller to Drop Charges

Rick Gates to Plead Guilty to Mueller Charges, Report Says; Here’s What It Means

Here are 3 Key Points in the New Indictment Against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates

Rick Gates Attorneys Said Their Reason for Quitting Mueller Case Would Be ‘Embarrassing’ to Client

Judge Scoffs at Manafort’s Doctor Letter Suggesting House Arrest Endangers His Health

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