Preet Bharara

House Democrats’ Top Impeachment Lawyer: ‘If We Had Litigated It All, Then the President Wins’

Preet Bharara to House GOP Lawyer: Calling Trump a Clown Isn’t Election Interference, It’s a ‘Correct Consensus Opinion’

Legal Experts ‘Dumbfounded’ by Decision to Remove Epstein From Suicide Watch

Preet Bharara Responds to Don Jr. Claim That He Liked Tweet Calling Comey ‘Worst FBI Director’ Ever

Preet Bharara Points Out the One Issue Where Dems Blew Their Chance to Complain

That Russian Attorney Might Just Be Part of Why Trump Fired Preet Bharara

‘Duplicity, Ignorance, Arrogance’: Preet Bharara Trolls Trump Jr on Twitter

‘This Guy is Going to Get You’: Trump’s Lawyer Warned President About Preet Bharara, Report Says

Preet Bharara: ‘There’s Absolutely Evidence’ to Investigate Obstruction of Justice by Trump

Preet Bharara Throws Shade at Donald Trump over Decision to Hide White House Visitor Logs

Fired U.S. Attorney Bharara Was Investigating HHS Sec Tom Price

Sorry, Fox Fans, Firing Preet Bharara Isn’t ‘Phony Scandal’

Fired U.S. Attorney’s Coy Tweet Sparks Suspicion That He Was Investigating Trump

FLASHBACK: Sessions Got ‘Suddenly’ Booted by Clinton’s Attorney General Janet Reno in 1993

Obama Holdover Fired After Reportedly Refusing to Resign as U.S. Attorney

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