Paul Manafort

‘Not a Remotely Normal Call’: Trump DOJ Spares Manafort from Stay at Notorious Prison

Judge Orders Paul Manafort’s Transfer to Notorious Prison at the Request of Manhattan DA

Trump Defends Don Jr. with Same Words He Used Before Flynn and Manafort Were Convicted

‘A Crime of Moral Turpitude’: Convicted Felon Paul Manafort Disbarred in D.C.

Former Obama Lawyer Indicted for Allegedly Lying to the Department of Justice

‘Various Prosecution Offices’ Have Advised Top Mueller Witness Not to Talk to Congress — Yet

Due to Math ‘Error’ Manafort Owes Even More Money in Restitution, But He’s Not Signing Off On it

Obama and Clinton Admin Alum Could Be First Democrat Charged as Result of the Mueller Probe

Law Prof Who Supported State Charges Against Manafort Says Manhattan DA’s Case Has a Big Problem

Trump Gives Different Answer to Manafort Pardon Question Now That Sentencing Is Done

Here’s How Much Prison Time Manafort Could Face if Convicted on New State Charges

Judge Amy Berman Jackson Had Very Little Sympathy for Manafort During His Sentencing Hearing

The Manhattan DA Just Sent a Huge Message to Trump in the Immediate Aftermath of Manafort’s Sentencing

Paul Manafort Sentenced to 73 Months in Prison in D.C. Case

Here Are the Most Eye-Popping Moments in Nearly 100 Pages of Transcripts From Manafort’s Sentencing

Robert Mueller Not-So-Subtly Nudges D.C. Judge to Throw the Book at Paul Manafort

Former Fed Prosecutor ‘Stunned’ by 47-Month Sentence: Manafort Wrote the ‘Textbook’ on ‘How to Flout the Justice System’

Judge Calls Mueller’s Manafort Punishment ‘Excessive,’ Hands Down Lenient Sentence

Robert Mueller Completely Dismantles Paul Manafort’s Best Arguments for a Reduced Sentence

What to Expect from House Dems’ New Lawyer Hire in ‘Aggressive’ Trump Campaign Probe

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