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Paul Manafort

Tucker Carlson Seems to Think You Shouldn’t Be Behind Bars if You’re 69

Giuliani: Mueller Probe ‘Might’ Be ‘Cleaned Up’ Through ‘Presidential Pardons’

Former Watergate Prosecutor: Manafort ‘May Never Ever See the Outside of a Jail Cell’ (WATCH)

New Pieces of Evidence that Helped Put Paul Manafort Behind Bars

Paul Manafort Ordered to Jail After Alleged Witness Tampering

Mueller Appears to Have Screwed Up by ‘Accidentally’ Exposing Names in Manafort Case

Mueller Points to Latest Indictment as Proof Manafort Should Be Locked Up Until Trial

Judge Says Mueller (Mostly) Gave Manafort Enough Details to Defend Himself

Here’s Why Paul Manafort Probably Can’t Flip on Trump

Who is Paul Manafort’s New Co-Defendant?

Mueller Hits Manafort with Obstruction Charges

Here Are the Witnesses Manafort Allegedly Tried to Influence, Report Says

‘Grandpa Thinks He’s an International Mastermind’: MSNBC Brings on Comic to Roast Manafort for iCloud Blunder (WATCH)

Mueller Wants Manafort’s Pre-Trial Release Revoked for Attempted Witness Tampering

Judge Shuts Down Manafort’s Unredacted Warrants Demand to Protect ‘Confidential Sources’

Federal Judge Refuses to Dismiss ‘Multiplicitous’ Counts Against Paul Manafort

Manafort Goes After Prosecutor for Allegedly Leaking Damaging Info to Press

Key Reason Mueller Opposed Manafort’s Demand for Hearing on Media Leaks

One Major Ruling Trump May Be Waiting on Before Speaking to Mueller

Napolitano: Judge’s Tough Talk Against Mueller at Manafort Hearing is ‘Irrelevant’

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