Paul Manafort

Mueller Witness: Sean Hannity ‘Tailored His Shows’ to Fit Manafort’s Agenda During 2016 Campaign

Judge Dismisses State Charges Against Paul Manafort, Clearing the Way for Pardon

Prosecutor: Manafort Dangled Legal Defense Fund in Exchange for Witness’s Non-Cooperation with Mueller

‘Very Big DOJ News’: Lawyer for Putin-Connected Ukrainian Oligarch Sent $1M to Giuliani Associate’s Wife

Paul Manafort Hospitalized After Suffering a ‘Cardiac Event’ Behind Bars

Prosecutors: Mueller Witness Whose Testimony Doomed Manafort Was Offered Money Not to Cooperate

Firm Associated with ‘Putin’s Favorite Industrialist’ Caught Up in Mysterious, Possibly Mueller-Linked Investigation

Paul Manafort’s Lawyers Represented Giuliani’s Clients in Court Today Because of Course They Did

Trump May Have Lied to Mueller During Russia Probe, House Dems Tell Federal Judge

Paul Manafort’s Lawyers Rail Against Manhattan DA Cy Vance in Blistering Filing

Paul Manafort Once Appeared on a Nickelodeon Game Show, and It Was Really Important

Here’s When Paul Manafort Is Going to Be Arraigned on State Fraud Charges

‘We R All on the Same Team’: Paul Manafort and Sean Hannity’s Private Messages Have Been Unsealed

Manafort’s New Lawyer Claims Client Has Already ‘Endured’ Two Trials. There Was No Second Trial.

‘Not a Remotely Normal Call’: Trump DOJ Spares Manafort from Stay at Notorious Prison

Judge Orders Paul Manafort’s Transfer to Notorious Prison at the Request of Manhattan DA

Trump Defends Don Jr. with Same Words He Used Before Flynn and Manafort Were Convicted

‘A Crime of Moral Turpitude’: Convicted Felon Paul Manafort Disbarred in D.C.

Former Obama Lawyer Indicted for Allegedly Lying to the Department of Justice

‘Various Prosecution Offices’ Have Advised Top Mueller Witness Not to Talk to Congress — Yet

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