Paul Manafort

Everything We Learned from Robert Mueller’s Telling of Paul Manafort’s ‘Crimes and Lies’

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Case Where Manafort, Trump Should Be Listening

Mueller Strikes Back: Paul Manafort Re-Trial a Real Possibility

This Supreme Court Case Might Make Manafort Pardon Very Likely

It Didn’t Take Long for Trump to Publicly Confirm a Manafort Pardon Is ‘On the Table’

‘The Hammer Is Coming’: Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr Thinks Manafort Is Pretty Much Screwed

Fmr Federal Prosecutor: A Manafort Pardon ‘Should Result in Trump’s Immediate Expulsion from Office’

An Alternate Theory on Why Paul Manafort Would Lie to Robert Mueller

Julian Assange ‘Instructs’ Lawyers to Sue The Guardian Over the Manafort Meeting Story

Looks Like Mueller Isn’t Buying the Official Explanation of 2017 Manafort Mystery Meeting

Paul Manafort Threatens Legal Action Against The Guardian for ‘Deliberately Libelous’ Story

Trump Warned Everyone the Paul Manafort Disaster Was Coming — Did You Notice?

Report Claims Paul Manafort Met With Wikileaks Publisher Julian Assange on Multiple Occasions

Mueller May Have Just Found a Clever Way of Using Manafort to Bypass Matthew Whitaker

‘Crimes and Lies’: Now We Know Why Mueller Pushed Back Paul Manafort’s Cooperation Update

Thanksgiving Surprise? Mueller’s Latest Manafort Maneuver Hints Something Big May Happen Soon

Did Robert Mueller Just Hint that the Russia Investigation Will Drag on into 2019?

Judge T.S. Ellis Sets Expedited Sentencing Date Due to Paul Manafort’s ‘Significant’ Health Issues

Now We Know Why Robert Mueller Needed Paul Manafort’s Cooperation

Judge T.S. Ellis Is Back and Ready to Haunt Paul Manafort’s Suit-Wearing Dreams

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