Judge Calls Opioid Crisis a ‘Menace’ to Society, Orders Johnson & Johnson to Pay $572 Million

Radioactive Uranium, Timber Rattlesnake, Open Bottle of Whiskey Found During Routine Oklahoma Traffic Stop

Parents Charged With Manslaughter After Autopsy Reveals Toddler Went Untreated for 17-Pound Tumor

White Nationalist-Linked Man Arrested For Trying To Detonate 1,000-Pound Bomb In Oklahoma

Lawmaker Wants to Cut Budget by Turning Over Non-English Speaking Students to ICE

‘Cross-Dressers in the Building’: Staffer Warns Pages About LGBT Youth in Building

Masked Intruders Killed by AR-15 Wielding Homeowner

State Trump Campaign Co-Chair Charged After Cops Allegedly Find Him in Motel Room With Underage Boy

Town Cancels Valentine’s Event Because Dancing Near Church is Illegal

UPDATE: Lawmaker Says Pro-Life Bathroom Signs Not Mandatory

Video: Police Say Man Stole Cop Car and Streamed Chase on Facebook Live

Search Underway in Oklahoma For Man Accused of Shooting Five People Overnight, Killing Two

Oklahoma Abortion Law Struck Down as Unconstitutional by State Supreme Court

Oklahoma Lawmaking: A Trifecta Of Stupidity

Oklahoma’s Anti-Abortion Bill is Selfish and Illegal. Period.

Lawmakers Call to Impeach Obama Over Bathroom Directive

Oklahoma Legislature Passes Bill That Criminalizes Doctors Performing Most Abortions

Man Allegedly Had Oral Sex With Unconscious 16-Year-Old, and Court Said It’s OK

Former Oklahoma Deputy Convicted of Killing Unarmed Suspect

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case About Colorado’s Pot Legalization

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