Dana Loesch Just Said the NRA Isn’t a Lobby Group. She’s Lying.

Bank Severs Ties With NRA After Customer Complaints

Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Super PAC Should Probably Stop Supporting Pro-Gun and NRA-Funded Republicans

The NRA Spent $10,000 to Train Nikolas Cruz in 2016

NRA TV: Second Amendment Provides ‘The Firepower’ To Stand Up To Liberals In Government

Why Do NRA Ads Sound Like ISIS Recruitment Videos?

‘Murder Insurance’ or Protection in Self-Defense Cases?

Effort to Restrict ‘Bump Stock’ Draws Unlikely Supporters Including NRA

Gas Station Clerk Suspended After Shooting Armed Robbery Suspect In Self Defense

Lawsuit: Overturn Ban on High-Capacity Magazines

Looks Like Santa Left Plenty of Guns Under California Trees This Holiday Season

Video: Gun Control Advocates Release ‘Offensive’ New Ad Called ‘Toddlers Kill’

Please, Our Second Amendment Rights Are Not ‘Under Attack’ By Gun Bills

Trump’s Gun Plan is Wrong on Law, Stupid on Facts and Contradictory

Hillary Clinton Totally Spins The Facts of Aurora Theater Shooting Lawsuit Into Attack on NRA

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