North Carolina

North Carolina Cops Bust Stolen Truckload of Toilet Paper

N.C. Man Murdered 6 Family Members Before Turning the Gun on Himself: Sheriff

North Carolina Appeals Court Blocks Voter ID Law Ahead of 2020 Election

Advocates Celebrate ‘Major Victory’ After Federal Judge Blocks North Carolina’s Voter ID Law

Court Allows Republicans to Gerrymander Congressional Map in North Carolina

North Carolina Court Strikes Down State Voting Map as Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered

‘Partisan Retaliation Against Voters’: Lawsuit Attacks North Carolina GOP for Bill That Slashes Early Voting

‘A New Low’: NC Republicans Override Governor’s Veto While Dems Attended 9/11 Ceremony

Files Appear to Show Gerrymandering Specialist Unconstitutionally Used Race Data to Draw Voting Maps

NC Governor Vetoes ‘Draconian’ Bill That Would Force Local Police to Cooperate With ICE

Democratic Governor Signs Order Ending State Funding of Youth ‘Conversion Therapy’

Bathroom Bigots Lose in North Carolina, Once and For All

Gerrymandering Trial Could Have Major Impact on 2020 Election in State ‘Closely Divided Politically’

Police Execute Search Warrant on NC Woman for Listening to Malcolm X Speech

NC GOP Candidate’s Son Says He Warned Father of Aide’s Alleged Illegal Acts in Past Election

After Police Raid ‘Illegal Strip Club,’ N.C. Man Says Wife and Daughter Used Pole in ‘Man Cave’ to Exercise

North Carolina Elections Official Warned DOJ of Voter Fraud Almost 2 Years Before Current Scandal

ABA Legal Fact Check: Board of Elections Must Decide Whether There Is Re-Vote in North Carolina

Court Strikes Down North Carolina’s Electoral Map for Being Too Partisan

Teen Girls Set Dog on Fire, Post Video to Snapchat, Cops Say

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