North Carolina

NC Governor-Elect Says Legislature Will Meet to Repeal ‘Bathroom” Law

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory Concedes to Democratic Challenger

Planned Parenthood Launches Legal Attack Against Abortion Laws in Multiple States

North Carolina Is Ripe for a Recount

Computer Check-In Fails In Pro-Democrat North Carolina County

GOP NC Headquarters Vandalized with ‘F—K TRUMP YESSIR’ Graffiti

Judge Convicted For Attempting to Bribe Federal Officer With Two Cases of Bud Light

California Limits State Employees From Traveling to North Carolina Over Bathroom Law

Man Jailed for Reporting Fake Clown Sighting

Reporting a Fake Clown Sighting May Get You Arrested, Sheriff Warns

Man Serves on Grand Jury for His Own Case, Still Gets Indicted

Republicans Should Be Glad They’re Losing Voter ID Fight

White Suspect Allegedly Killed Black Man After 911 Call About ‘Hoodlums’

Test Case for Law Allowing Religious Opt-Out for Performing Same-Sex Marriages to Be Heard In Court

Chris Christie Rips NBA Decision to Move All-Star Game From NC Over Bathroom Law

New York Governor Sued Over Ads Criticizing North Carolina Bathroom Law

Apple and 67 Other Companies Support Justice Dept. in Trans Restroom Lawsuit

Supreme Court to Hear the North Carolina Gerrymandering Case

Woman Finds Body in Refrigerator That She Bought at Yard Sale

NC Gov. Calls Obama Bathroom Mandate ‘Massive Executive Branch Overreach’

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