Klobuchar’s Record as a Prosecutor Coming Back to Haunt Her? NAACP Chapter Demands End to Her Campaign

NAACP Sues DHS over Revoking Protected Status for Haitians

NAACP Files Complaint After School Announces Makeup Classes for Hurricane on MLK Day

Judge Refuses Trump Request On Voter Fraud Info

NAACP Sues Trump On Behalf of Black ‘Dreamers’

NAACP Pres Says Sit-In Arrests May Lead to More Civil Disobedience

NAACP Sit-In Protest of Sen. Jeff Sessions Ends with Arrests

NAACP Occupies Jeff Sessions’ Office to Stop Him From Becoming Attorney General

UPDATED: Lawsuit Demands Georgia Extend Voter Registration Deadline Because of Hurricane Matthew

NAACP Leader Kicked Off Flight After Confrontation About Him Needing 2 Seats

Arizona NAACP President Resigns After Telling Reporter She has ‘Nice Tits’

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