Mueller report

Legal Analyst Responds to Rod Rosenstein’s Pointed Criticism: ‘Basically, He’s a Walking Piece of Jell-O’

Dems Try to ‘Game System’ with Requests About McGahn, Mueller Grand Jury…. They Lost

Fed Judge: ‘Difficult to Reconcile’ Mueller Report with AG Barr’s Statements

GOP Lawmaker: Russia Report Only ‘Reinforced the Anal Opening That I Believe Mueller to Be’

Donald Trump Jr. Disputes Two Key Claims Made by Mueller Witnesses

Alan Dershowitz Accuses Robert Mueller of ‘Abusing His Position of Trust’

Republican Rep. Says AG Barr Misrepresented ‘Key Aspects’ of Mueller Report

Prosecutor Indicates ‘Potential Disposition’ in Case Against Suspected Source of Mueller Probe Leaks

What to Expect Now That Congress Is Gearing Up to Hold AG William Barr in Contempt

Sorry, But Attorney General William Barr Didn’t Commit Perjury

Trump SCOTUS Candidate on Mueller Report: ‘There’s Nothing There to Prosecute’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Asks Congress to Begin Impeachment Process Against Trump

Eric Holder: ‘Any Competent’ Prosecutor Would Win Obstruction Case Against Trump

Trump Reportedly Suspected Ex-White House Counsel Don McGahn Spied on Him

Nadler: I Believe Trump Obstructed Justice, Barr ‘Consistently Misled’ Public

Despite Mueller Report’s Eye-Opening Evidence, Barr Made the Right Call on Obstruction

Barr Called Out for ‘Striking Contradiction’ Between His Comments and Mueller’s Report

The White House Played ‘Edelweiss’ As Mueller Report Dropped Because Of Course it Did

Mueller Report Appears More Damaging Than Barr’s Letter Led Public to Believe

5 Times Barr Showed His Hand During The Mueller Report Press Conference

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