Legal Expert: ‘Don’t Look Too Latina’ Comment to MSNBC Journalist Could Violate Employment Laws

Fmr. Asst. FBI Director to Ann Coulter: ‘Dear Craziest Person on TV’

Ari Melber Discusses the Robert Mueller Investigation on ‘The Dan Abrams Show’

Sam Nunberg Was Apparently Convinced On-Air by Legal Analyst to Cooperate with Mueller

MSNBC Host Joy-Ann Reid Was Apparently Russian Trolls’ Favorite Pundit

Top Dem Senator Admits Fusion GPS Dossier Hasn’t Been Verified

Reporter Who ‘Independently Confirmed’ CNN‘s Fake Wikileaks Report Has His Stories Previewed By The CIA

Ex-Alabama Cop: Roy Moore Frequently Harassed High School Cheerleaders At Games

Does Carter Page Even Have a Lawyer? Because This MSNBC Interview is a Legal Mess

Man Fighting MSNBC for Mistakenly Airing His Photo in Crime Story Mix Up

Susan Rice Refuses to Deny Trump ‘Unmasking’ Requests — Despite Claiming Ignorance Just Weeks Ago

Report: Trump’s Legal Team Considering Lawsuit Against MSNBC Over Release of Tax Returns

Experts: Trump’s Conflict-of-Interest With His D.C. Hotel Raises Impeachment Concerns

MSNBC Guest: Jeff Sessions Would ‘Start Bringing Civil Rights Cases on Behalf of White People’

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: FBI May Be Pressured Politically to Drag Out Clinton E-Mail Investigation

Trump Backtracking After Saying Women Who Get Abortions Should Be Punished

MSNBC Guest Argues It’s a ‘Higher Bar’ to Prosecute Clinton Because She’s Running for President

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