Mitch McConnell-Led Senate Refuses to Force Military to Screen for ‘White Nationalists’

Senior Military Officials Troubled by Trump Plan to Pardon Soldiers Accused of War Crimes

The Insurrection Act: How Trump Can Use America’s Military to Deport Undocumented Immigrants

Sexual Assault Remains Rampant in U.S. Armed Forces, Department of Defense Confirms

26 Retired Military Officers Sign Statement Lambasting Trump’s Latest Transgender Ban

Court Slaps Down Another White House Challenge to Trans People Serving in Military

Fmr Joint Chiefs Chair Opposes Transgender Ban in Court Filing

Bipartisan Senate Proposal Could Push Off Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Sorry Mad Dog Cultists, Mattis Did Not Freeze Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

Transgender Service Members Sue President Trump Over Military Ban

Pentagon Slaps Down Trump, Transgender Members Can Stay for Now

Why Trump’s Transgender Military Ban is Destined to Fail

Advocates Lining Up to Sue Over Trump’s ‘Illegal’ Military Transgender Policy

Navy SEAL Unit Punished After Flying Trump Flag on Convoy Traveling in U.S.

Tony Perkins: Better to Disband Military Than Allow Transgender Service Members

Trump Pretty Much Admits That He Expects Servicemen To Be Rapists

Military Lawyers Play an Increased Role in the Continuing War in Afghanistan

GOP Congressman’s Use of Women as Bargaining Chip Backfires Badly

U.S. Navy Bans Alcohol After String of Alleged Crimes

Report: U.S. Navy Officer Accused of Passing Signals Intelligence Secrets to China

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