Loretta Lynch

Comey Says Lynch Took a ‘Tortured Half-Out, Half-In Approach’ to Clinton Probe

FBI ‘Reopens’ Records Case Into Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton Tarmac Meeting, Trump Attorney Says

Loretta Lynch Denies Giving Assurance to Clinton Aide over Email Probe

Dem Senator Calls for Investigation into Loretta Lynch After Comey Testimony

Lawsuit Seeks to Force DOJ to Release Documents About Meeting Between Clinton and Lynch

AG Loretta Lynch Announces ‘Pattern of Excessive Force’ at Chicago PD

Jill Stein Lawyers Demand Loretta Lynch Investigate Election System Nationwide

Loretta Lynch: ‘I Do Regret’ Meeting with Bill Clinton on Plane in June

AG Loretta Lynch: DOJ Will Fight Hate Crimes As Long As It’s Necessary

DOJ Will Deploy More Than 500 Election Monitors Across 28 States on Election Day

FBI Is Sued for More Info on AG Lynch’s Meeting with Bill Clinton

Congress Wants Obama Administration To Brief Them On Yahoo’s Email Scanning

Investigator Claims ‘No Agent Working The Case’ Agreed With Comey’s Decision to Let Clinton Off Hook

GOP Lobbyist Sends DOJ Letter Demanding Probe of Trump’s ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Donations

Senator Demands Answers From AG Lynch About Reports DOJ Blocked Clinton Foundation Probe

AG Lynch Unable to Cite Any Legal Authority Preventing Her From Discussing Clinton Investigation

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Refuses to Provide Additional Details About Clinton Investigation

AG Lynch Just Made the Case For Why She Must Recuse Herself From Clinton Email Investigation

Attorney General Lynch Promises to Accept Whatever FBI Recommends in Clinton Email Investigation

New Calls For Special Prosecutor in Clinton Email Probe Because of Conflict of Interest

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