Kevin Downing

Paul Manafort’s Lawyers Represented Giuliani’s Clients in Court Today Because of Course They Did

Manafort’s Attorneys Failed to Redact, Exposed Lines Mentioning ‘the President’

Manafort’s Attorneys Just Cut-and-Pasted an Argument They’ve Already Lost

We’ve Officially Reached the Point Where Paul Manafort Actually Prefers Jail

Manafort Attorney Accused of Possible Ethics Violation with ‘Inappropriate’ Praise of Trump’s ‘Sad’ Remarks

Manafort Mystery: Judge Will Unveil Sealed Evidence at End of Case ‘With One Exception’

All the Ways Manafort’s Lawyers Tore into Mueller’s Most Controversial Witness

Media Quickly Pounced on a Non-Story About Manafort’s Defense. Here’s What Really Happened.

Judge Scoffs at Manafort’s Doctor Letter Suggesting House Arrest Endangers His Health

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