karen mcdougal

Former Playboy Model Who Alleged Affair with Trump Sues Fox News Over Something Tucker Carlson Said

Prosecutors Reveal They Have ‘Effectively Concluded’ Campaign Finance Violation Inquiry

National Enquirer Parent Company: We Buried Karen McDougal’s Story to ‘Prevent it from Influencing Election’

What WSJ‘s Bombshell Report on Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal Payoffs Means for Trump Legally

Elliott Broidy Seeks ‘Emergency Stay’ to Keep Playboy Model’s Salacious Suit from Going Public

This May Be Trump’s Best Legal Strategy Right Now, and it Necessarily Hurts Melania

Karen McDougal’s Fmr Lawyer Drops Three-Word Statement on Pecker’s Dysfunction

David Pecker’s Immunity Deal Could Be More Damaging to Trump Than Anything Cohen Has Said

Feds Believe National Enquirer Publisher Acted as Political Supporter for Trump Campaign, Report Says

Giuliani Thinks Cohen’s ‘Secret’ Recording of Trump Discussing Payment Is Great News

Michael Cohen Probe Leads to Subpoena Over Trump-Playboy Model Affair Story

Fmr. Governor Jennifer Granholm Questions Whether AMI Payment to Karen McDougal is Illegal Campaign Donation

Karen McDougal’s CNN Interview Definitely Violated Her Contract, But She’ll Still Come Out Ahead

Trump’s Own Arrogance May Have Saved Him From Committing a Crime in Alleged Karen McDougal Affair

Top 4 Bombshells in Playboy Playmate Lawsuit as Plot Thickens in Trump Sex Scandals

Former Playmate Is Likely Going to Get Sued and Will Probably Lose for Dishing on Trump Affair

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