John Bolton

Obama National Security Advisor Suggests Bolton ‘Shamefully’ Violated Oath to Defend Constitution

‘He’s Just Shilling’: People Have Had Enough of John Bolton’s Empty Promises

Report That Trump Is Out for Revenge, Wants Bolton Criminally Investigated Sparks Outrage

‘Hyped Up Way Out of Proportion’: CNN Criticized for Reporting WH Letter to Bolton as a ‘Threat’

Bolton ‘Strongly Implied’ in Sept. 2019 Call Something Was Wrong About Yovanovitch Removal: Rep. Engel

Trump ‘Either Lying or Confessing’ to Endangering National Security in Bolton Tirade: Law Profs

John Bolton Likes Tweet Saying Trump Should ‘Fire the Moron Who Hired John Bolton’

Legal Experts: Trump Reaction to Bolton Effectively Waived Executive Privilege Claim, Was ‘Another Unforced Error’

WSJ Editorial Board on Bolton Book Details: It Doesn’t Matter and the ‘Timing Is Kavanaugh-esque’

Bolton Book Says AG Barr Worried Trump Compromised DOJ Independence in Two Cases: NYT

Independent Senator Boldly Predicts Bolton News Will Make 5-10 GOP Senators Call for Witnesses

GOP Senators Pummel Bolton Bombshell as Nothing But a ‘Tactic to Sell Books’

Trump Lawyer Jay Sekulow Smartly Dodged John Bolton Book News Right Out of the Gate

Are Democrats Really Serious About John Bolton’s Testimony?

Whistleblower’s Lawyer: Bolton Revelation Potentially Subjects Trump’s Legal Team to Criminal Liability

GOP Senators Initially Cancelled Scheduled Presser, Seemingly Due to John Bolton News (UPDATE)

Trump Said He Wanted to Hold Ukraine Aid Pending Probes of Bidens, According to Bolton Manuscript

Trump Predictably Plans to Assert Executive Privilege Over Bolton’s Testimony — What It Means

Legal Experts Scorch Marco Rubio’s Refusal to Subpoena John Bolton: ‘Utterly Wrong and Utterly Ahistorical’

John Bolton May Have Teed Up Another Excuse Not to Testify at Impeachment Trial

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