‘F**k the Police’: Chris Brown Instagram Rants While Police Surround His Home

Gun Control Advocates Reportedly Convince Apple to Replace Revolver Emoji With Squirt Gun

Alleged Robbers Target Pokémon Go Players With Gun; They Fight Back

Football Player Stopped by Cops With Guns While Playing Pokémon: ‘I am Thankful to Be Alive’

Two Sentenced for Bringing Weapons to Pokemon Tournament

Police Union Asks For State of Emergency, Ban on ‘Open Carry’ for Convention

After Orlando an Attack on The Usual Wrong Suspects

Controversial Posters Tell LGBT Community to ‘#ShootBack’

Gun Store Owner Claims Staff Turned Away Orlando Shooter and Reported Suspicions

Critics Claim Katie Couric’s Under the Gun Producer Broke Federal Law: UPDATED

Trump’s Gun Plan is Wrong on Law, Stupid on Facts and Contradictory

9th Circuit Panel Rules 2nd Amendment Includes Right to ‘Buy and Sell’ Guns

Man Arrested for Making Video Threatening to Kill Trump and Family: ‘You’re Dead’

Bystander With Concealed Gun Permit Killed While Intervening in Dispute

UPDATE: Father Confesses to Accidentally Killing 4-Year-Old Daughter After 5-Year-Old Brother Initially Blamed

Teachers Can Now Carry Guns in One School District to ‘Stop Violence’

Nashville Looks to Ban Gun Shows, Promoter Fires Back With Lawsuit

Hillary Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders for Defending Gun Manufacturers Against Families of Victims

Gun Shop Owner Refuses To Sell Gun To Eligible Buyer, May Have Halted Mass Shooting

Anti-Gun Protesters Kicked out of Lawmaking Session

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