Freedom of Information Act

CREW Sues Trump’s DOJ Over FBI Text Messages; Wins Just Hours Later

CREW Sues Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Over Secretive Travel Records

NSA Agent Used His Government Computer–And Public Funds–On Adult Dating Sites

Fmr White House Attorney: FBI Email Undermines Jeff Sessions’ Story About Foreign Contacts

Federal Marshal Accused Of Having Sex With ‘Nine Different’ Women While On The Job

ACLU Accuses ICE of Attempting To Destroy Records of Detainee Abuse, Rape, Torture

Lawsuit Reveals Top Officials at Obama’s DHS Also Used Personal Emails For Sensitive State Business

Records Show 2015 Obama Family Vacation to Hawaii Cost Taxpayers Over $4.8 Million

New State Dept. Emails Show Hillary Clinton Forwarded Classified Information to Chelsea

Judicial Watch Asks Judge to Force Clinton to Provide More Details About Email Server

Wikileaks Hacked Emails Provide More Evidence State Dept. May Have Helped Clinton Campaign Leak Investigation Info

New E-Mails Show ‘Eager’ Prosecutor Pushed For 2014 Federal Panty Raid

Watchdog Group Sues CIA for a Peek at Bin Laden’s Porn Stash

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