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For Second Time This Week, Judge Blocks Trump’s Use of Military Funds to Build Border Wall

Pro-Life Trump Judicial Nominee–a Former Brett Kavanaugh Clerk–Confirmed by Senate

Federal Judge Rebukes Trump Admin Argument in Expedited Deportation Case: ‘It Reeks of Bad Faith’

Judge Blocks Trump Admin From Expanding Expedited Deportations of Undocumented Immigrants

Federal Judge Rules Ban on Conversion Therapy Doesn’t Violate First Amendment Rights

‘Ethnonationalism and Liberal Democracy’: Trump Judicial Nominee Called Out for Law Review Article

Judge Rules Voting Machines ‘Unsecure, Unreliable and Grossly Outdated’ But State Can Use Them Anyway

Obama Nominates First Muslim American to Serve as Federal Judge

Ann Coulter Comes to Trump’s Defense: We’ve Gone ‘Mental’ on ‘White Judges’ For 40 Years

Legal Experts Absolutely Rip Trump Over ‘Bigoted’ Claim Judge Has ‘Conflict of Interest’

Former Trump U Workers Call it ‘Scheme’ That Preyed on Elderly and Uneducated

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