fbi director

If Chris Wray Becomes FBI Director He Will Take a 98% Pay Cut!

Trump’s FBI Pick Billed Taxpayers $2.1 Mil as Chris Christie’s Personal Attorney

Trump’s Next Move: Prosecuting Comey for Perjury?

Who is Christopher Wray, Trump’s Pick to be New FBI Director?

Next Words Director Comey May Hear From President Trump? ‘You’re Fired!’

Why It Probably Won’t Matter Even If James Comey Violated The Hatch Act

James Comey’s Criticism of Clinton was Unprecedented, Improper and Maybe Even Politicized

Sorry Hillary, FBI Director Confirms Clinton Email ‘Investigation’ Not ‘Security Review’

FBI Paid Over $1 Million to Find Nothing Useful on San Bernardino Terrorist’s iPhone

Former FBI Agents Say Public’s Trust in Bureau at Stake in Clinton E-Mail Investigation

FBI Director Says He Feels No Pressure to Complete Clinton Investigation Before Democratic Convention

Well, Duh, FBI Director Tells Congress He Will Ensure Clinton Investigation ‘Independent’

FBI Stumped: They Still Can’t Decode San Bernardino Terrorists’ Cellphone

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