excessive force

Court Not Having It When Cop Who ‘Sucker-Punched’ Clerk Claimed It was Police Policy

Lawsuit Already Filed Alleging Police Excessive Force, Illegal Arrests on Inauguration Day

Federal Officer Apparently Kicked Suspect Who Was Facedown (Video)

Supreme Court Takes Case Involving Cross-Border Killing of Mexican Teenager by U.S. Border Patrol

Teen Tased in Chest for 20 Seconds Files Lawsuit Against Cops, TASER

Officer Resigns as Transit Police Release Video Showing Violent Arrest of Homeless Man

Man Charged With Resisting Arrest Argues He Had Right to Fight Back Against Excessive Force

Police Chief Convicted for Beating Up Suspect, Reportedly Denied Him Ambulance

2 Troopers on Leave After Video Shows Them Punching Chase Suspect

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