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Donald Trump Jr.

House Democrats Are Going After Donald Trump’s Phone Records

Could This Be Why President Trump Suddenly Sent Jeff Sessions Packing?

If Rumors About Donald Trump Jr.’s Fate Are True, Michael Avenatti Will Be Proven Right

Avenatti Reacts to Don Jr.’s Fear of Robert Mueller: I Told You So

Avenatti Doubles Down on Trump Jr. Indictment Prediction, Implies What the Crime Would Be

In Bold Prediction, Avenatti Claims He Knows When Don Jr. Will Be Indicted

‘Buckle Up Buttercup’: Avenatti Fires Back at Don Jr. Troll with Federal Prison Warning

Donald Trump Jr. Hints at Possible Setup by Robert Mueller Down the Road

Donald Trump Jr. Is Asked What Crime Anonymous Op-Ed Writer Committed. His Answer Was Ridiculous.

Cohen’s Lawyer Walks Back Confirmation of CNN’s ‘Bombshell’ 2016 Trump Tower Meeting Story

If Trump Throws Caution to the Wind and Fires Robert Mueller, This Is When it Will Have to Happen

Donald Trump Jr. Worries About Conservative ‘Censorship’ in Unintentionally Revealing Tweet

Mueller Hoping Russian Pop Star Will Sing About 2016 Trump Tower Meeting

NBD, Mueller and Donald Trump Jr. Are Just Hating Their Lives Together at the Airport (PHOTO)

Did Donald Trump Jr. Lie to Congress About His Father’s Knowledge of 2016 Trump Tower Meeting?

Judge Gushes Over How Well Don Jr. and Vanessa Are Handling Divorce

Reminder: Prosecutor Said ‘Trump’s Son Should be Concerned’ About Wiretaps of Butina’s Alleged Handler

Judge in Trump Foundation Case Shifted Around Her Calendar to Hold Key Hearings Before Midterm Elections

Donald Trump Jr. Doesn’t Know What Words Mean: Supreme Court Edition

Sen. Chris Coons Thinks Donald J. Trump Jr. Might Have Lied to Congress

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