Donald Trump Jr.

Michael Cohen Appears to Dispute Trump Jr.’s Claim of ‘Peripheral’ Knowledge About Moscow Project

‘That Implicates You in Criminal Conspiracy’: Trump Jr.’s Signature Was on Hush Payment Reimbursement Check

Donald Trump Jr.’s Fox News Performance Was a Laughably Weak Response to Mueller

Investor with Blocked Number on Other End of Trump Jr. Call Explored Moscow Tower with Trump More Than 20 Years Ago

Putin-Linked Banker Present at 2016 NRA Dinner Could Come Back to Haunt Trump Jr.

Fmr U.S. Attorney: Moscow Project Appears to ‘Deeply Implicate’ Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump

5 Key Takeaways on Bombshell Charges Against Russian Lawyer Who Offered Don Jr. ‘Dirt’ on Clinton

It’s 2019, But Avenatti Doubles Down Again on Claim That Trump Jr. Would Be Indicted by End of 2018

Happy Birthday? Avenatti Demands Don Jr., ‘Aka Biff,’ Admit He’s Getting Indicted

Former Federal Prosecutor: Donald Trump Jr. Needs to Be ‘Worried’ About Michael Cohen’s Guilty Pleas

Former Federal Prosecutor Predicts Mueller Investigation Will ‘Ensnare Trump and His Family’

Robert Mueller May Have Evidence Needed to Charge Donald Trump Jr. (UPDATED)

Donald Trump Jr. May Have Nowhere to Run to (Except His Dad) After Michael Cohen’s Guilty Plea

House Democrats Are Going After Donald Trump’s Phone Records

Could This Be Why President Trump Suddenly Sent Jeff Sessions Packing?

If Rumors About Donald Trump Jr.’s Fate Are True, Michael Avenatti Will Be Proven Right

Avenatti Reacts to Don Jr.’s Fear of Robert Mueller: I Told You So

Avenatti Doubles Down on Trump Jr. Indictment Prediction, Implies What the Crime Would Be

In Bold Prediction, Avenatti Claims He Knows When Don Jr. Will Be Indicted

‘Buckle Up Buttercup’: Avenatti Fires Back at Don Jr. Troll with Federal Prison Warning

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