NatSec Legal Expert: OLC Reasoning for Withholding Whistleblower Complaint Was ‘Remarkably Thin’

‘It’s Not Fake News’: Legal Experts Erupt as Trump Dismisses Whistleblower Complaint

Trump to Nominate Someone Else for DNI After Scrutiny of Rep. Ratcliffe’s Resumé

Fmr NSC Director: Trump Pick for DNI Bragged About Appointment to ‘Role That Doesn’t Exist’

Trump Teased an Appointment He Has No Authority to Make

Fmr Intel Director: Trump ‘Consolidating Control,’ Amassing ‘Unprecedented Executive Power’

DNI Coats ‘Not Sure’ He Has Legal Basis For Dodging Questions.. Does it Anyway

James Clapper Says There Wasn’t FISA Court Order to Wiretap Trump

The Law Might Actually Allow Electors to Get Intel Briefing About Putin/Trump Connections

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